Demi Lovato Describes Selena Gomez’s Ideal Boyfriend

shared with Popstar! magazine what she feels her best friend deserves in a boyfriend. “I think the perfect guy for Selena would have an inner nerd in him,” the ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star explained. “Someone that’s really funny but also is willing to give her a lot of her spare time. She deserves someone that’s gonna be there for her 24/7.” Watch the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Describes Selena Gomez’s Ideal Boyfriend

  1. Jadon says:

    Hey Selena
    I’m the perfect match!
    I really wish we could meet…
    I love you heaps..!

  2. andrew annison says:

    I’m a match in nearly all but the nerd I’m smart I like to be laid back and I’m not worried if I’m cool or not but I can be there for you and I’m funny if you are upset I can bring a smile to you but ill be there if I’m needed


  3. Declan says:

    well only 2 comments? There should be loads from different guys because Selena is such a cutie pie! I hope I meet you someday Selena, then you could consider me as your bro or boyfriend….as long as I get to meet you. I got all the qualities you like and I have a great voice too. It’s just hard to become famous… I wanna become famous to meet you… That’s my dream. If only you could follow me on twitter….

  4. Parag says:

    Well Selena ill not say that I’m the only one who loves you so much.
    But I’m different from all.
    It is my destiny to be in your heart for ever.people laugh at me and named it a daydream.
    But my destiny and hard work will make it true.
    Be ready to meet me……

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