Demi Lovato Discusses ‘Sonny With A Chance’, ‘Don’t Forget’ Videos

Demi Lovato does an interview with YouTube personalities Katie and Karleigh, talking about 'Sonny with a Chance' and her two 'Don't Forget' music videos

Katie and Karleigh sat down with Demi Lovato in the green room on the set of ‘Sonny With A Chance’, where she talked about the show, her co-stars, having to kiss someone in the episode she’s currently filming, Selena Gomez guest starring as herself on the show, and what to expect from the two versions of her ‘Don’t Forget’ video.

“I have to kiss somebody in this episode,” Demi said. “This one is interesting. This is my first on-screen kiss. I’ve never kissed somebody in front of a camera. Everybody thinks it’s a kiss on the cheek, like I kiss my mom on the cheek. So it’s kind of a first on-screen kiss, and then I have a prom episode, and it’s like going to prom. There’s been a lot of really cool things.”

On Selena’s guest starring role, she said, “We’ve always wanted to guest star on either show, ‘Wizards’ or ‘Sonny’. We had so much I remember people were just laughing at how much chemistry we had. Obviously it wasn’t the first time we’ve worked together. She had to play herself. She came and guest starred as Selena Gomez, which is really funny. One of the lines was I opened the door and shouted, ‘Selena Gomez! Oh my gosh, can I have your autograph?’ It was the weirdest awkward thing ever.”

On ‘Don’t Forget’, she said, “The whole video for it was me crying in the rain and me singing outside a window. There’s gonna be two versions of it. The one not so depressed version for Disney Channel, because Disney Channel doesn’t have tears. It’s the happy land, no one wants to be sad. The other version is gonna be on YouTube and my site and stuff like that. Hopefully channels and things like that. I got to show how much that situation hurt me. What’s really funny is I wrote that song about somebody that I loved, and the experience hurt me so bad when I was recording it. I was crying about that person. Then a year later I shoot the music video for it and it’s interesting how you don’t love that person anymore.”

Watch part one and two below.

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