Demi Lovato Facebook Chat

Demi Lovato Facebook chat

will be answering questions from fans on Facebook an hour from now at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT in an online video chat ahead of next week’s release of her new album ‘Here We Go Again’. Watch it

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27 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Facebook Chat

  1. Pramod says:

    hi Demi, you are real Princess

  2. mason says:

    Hi Demi it’s me Mason again if you got the last message. I just wont to say your songs are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rabu says:

    ooh Demi where is Selena??????? I love Demi and Selena

  4. isaac says:

    hey Demi, I’m like your biggest fan you could get I love you literally, love you the good way talk to me

  5. cristopher says:

    hi Demi , I’m from Argentina. I like your music, you are very beautiful, I would like to know you personally, I wish you luck in what you do because you rock, I hope you read it I send a kiss bye…

  6. oumima says:

    hi Demi you are great and so beautiful and I hope you come to Morocco!!! ^^ I love you so much =)

  7. nicole says:

    hi whats up I love love love love love love love you and your songs I’m from Canada NL I live in a small town called fresh water you are so lucky that you are a star I want to be a singer when I grow up my friends say that I’m really good sorry but I have to go bye

  8. toña says:

    Demi hi best songs I love to and also yours with the Jonas Brothers …
    I can ask you a favor ok?
    what happens is that I want to tell him I love Nick Jonas and his two brothers … you are awesome …

  9. toña says:

    I love you Demi and Jonas

  10. toña says:

    know? I’d like to meet the Jonas Brothers is my dream and clear that you like and hopefully you can or if you please fulfill my dream. @

  11. sarah scott says:

    hi Demi this is Sarah Scott I was just wondering if this is your Facebook page because I don’t now who are posers and who are not thanks!/profile.php?id=100000712359431&ref=ts

  12. Aja says:

    Hey Demi um you don’t know me but you are very talented and so am I. I sing everyday and you and Joe are cute I’m gonna make it big very soon I’m getting my shot just like you and because I look up to you, you are gonna be the first person I hope to see when I hit big time it’s hard trying to get there now but I got faith

  13. ana says:

    Have you ever been in Romania if not hope to live: X

  14. Dary says:

    I want to tell you that your songs are the best and…do ya have a Skype and how is your account in Facebook?

    With love:
    your fan from Bulgaria.

    P.S.Please write to me :)

  15. Deeshari keith says:

    Will you be my girlfriend I’m 15 and lonely. You are hot can we talk together my number is . Sometimes I wont be home.

  16. mariam says:

    Hi Demi I love you very much and I love your songs .. You’re beautiful

  17. lara says:

    hi Demi you are the best

  18. lara says:

    hi Demi I love you your song

  19. Mohammed says:

    Marry me demi?

  20. mukose kabembe says:

    Hi Demi Lovato you are very talent,and I think that you got the power to do think that you want to do you are the best Demi, so you go on girl, and have a good day Demi.

  21. mukose kabembe says:

    Demi I love you so much and also Jordan Francis his my boy,and Demi when I watch Camp Rock 2 I just want to crying because all the think you guys are doing it break my heart Demi, and remember one think have a good day Demi.

  22. senda says:

    You are my best singer I love you <3<3<3<3<3 I usually watch Camp Rock you are the best Demi

  23. pepe says:

    Demi you are the best of the world I love you, I an all Ecuador Demi please become to Ecuador I love you

  24. oraib says:

    I love you Demi and I love you songs ……… You are the best ever

  25. Cassidy says:


  26. agat says:

    Hi,Demi you’re AMAZING!!!I’m your BIGGEST fan!!!

  27. agat says:

    I love Demi and Jonas!

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