Demi Lovato: I’m Dating Joe Jonas

was on the phone with the Billy Bush Show on Friday (March 12), where the teen promoted the new season of ‘Sonny with a Chance’ and talked about attending the Oscar after parties, flying in to the awards on a private jet with the Jonas Brothers, her work to stop bullying in school, and she revealed that she’s dating . Demi said that Joe was “actually my best friend” before confessing that they didn’t go from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends, but “kind of the opposite!” Asked what she liked about Joe, Demi said, “He’s a complete gentleman, he takes me to the most amazing places… he’s perfect.” Listen to the interview via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Demi Lovato: I’m Dating Joe Jonas

  1. DemiRuless says:

    aww… that kinda sucks, because now I’m gonna have to change my username from Demirules to Demisucks :( you were my hero and now you’re my ZERO when I feel bad about myself, I say well at least I don’t look like Demi Lovato

  2. ALEX says:


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