Demi Lovato Impersonates The Jonas Brothers

introduced her best friend Demi Lovato, who offered her impersonations of her ‘Camp Rock’ co-stars, the siblings Joe, Nick, and Kevin, for Popstar! magazine.

Selena started the video saying, “Something you probably don’t know about Demi is she’s really good at doing a Joe Jonas and impression, and it’s hilarious. She’s gonna kill me for saying that, but it’s awesome.”

“So I can do a slightly good impression of the Jonas Brothers,” Demi said. “They’re gonna kill me when they see this, or they might laugh. I hope you laugh. I love you guys.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Impersonates The Jonas Brothers

  1. esmeralda says:

    I love you Jonas forever

  2. esmeralda says:

    I like you Nick

  3. shreya says:

    Hi Joseph Jonas I love you a lot I have a boyfriend but I’ll dump him.. oh. .. I love you so much .. my boyfriend’s name is Nick Jonas .. but I’ll dump him for you …

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