Demi Lovato Live Chat On Facebook

Demi Lovato previews her Facebook chat is taking part in her first ever live webcast on her Facebook page starting July 2nd at 4:15PM PST. To RSVP, visit (account required).

“Hey here. I’m doing my first ever live webcast on my Facebook fan page,” the singer and actress says. “Make sure to tune in and I’ll be answering your questions live from the chat room. There will be other surprises too, so don’t miss it. See you soon.”

Watch the ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star talking about the live chat below.

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87 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Live Chat On Facebook

  1. LORENA says:


  2. NADIA says:

    hey Demi.. you are for real my role model and my dream is to do a duet with you.. I know that everybody wants you to reply to them so I wont tell you to reply to me.. you probably wont see this.. but yeah.. I love you!

  3. hafsah says:

    hey Demi you are really very pretty. I love your look. you are the best.

  4. christina says:

    hi Demi can you give a shout to me and my bff Vanessa
    and course me Christina you are the coolest person ever and you are my role just like you are to a bunch of your fans when are you coming back to Cali because I know you are going to NJ …an RI and .. I forgot but I really want to see you preform and I love all your YouTube videos there awesome well tuddels I meant to say bye lol k bye

  5. Pramod says:

    hi Demi, I’m your aesthete, you and your friend (Selena) very pretty girls in the PPP movie, I’m so like that movie, I beheld that movie 10 turns. because for you, especially I like your smile. I think you are real Princess

  6. ?thatalovato? says:

    DEMI I just love you more I’m never gonna know you because I do not have conditions to go to USA and not another state of my country but you also added me to your MSN in twitter or so went to say hi???? Please say yes kisses your biggest fan!!!!!!! I love you??? Always dream talk to you!!!!!! I hope you realize!!!!!!!!!!!! 10000 kisses. I LOVE YOU = :) I wait almost parched friend!!!!!!!!!

  7. Doroti says:

    Hi Demi “Oh I love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D: Very much love you and song :D:D:D:D:D:D:D: FOREVER DEMI LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Me
    I love you???

  8. abbie says:

    Hi Demi I’m a really good song writer and I really want you to have the songs because I’m have been there with bullies , and sometimes I just want to do something with my life so please add me MSN if you ave got it

    thanks Abbiee number 1 fan

  9. mason says:

    Hi Demi my names Mason I love all of your music, and your show and you.

  10. vidar says:

    hi Demi I love you please add my MSN and YouTube user vidar978

  11. mason says:

    you may not get this but I love you!

  12. mason says:

    Hi Demi I love your new album.

  13. yoelaine says:

    hey Demi ! wow your so pretty and I really really love you ! OMG ! and your so talented ! hope you will go here in Philippines with Jonas Brothers ! :D

  14. meerub says:

    hey Demi whats up I love your songs and your smile so keep it up and I love Sonny with a Chance and camp rock

  15. lannda says:

    Demi Lovato you are my favorite actresses I love you I must love you because you are the wonderful girl. You and Selena Gomez are the best I really love you I love your sons your smile so much. I love you so much. I miss you I really like you you are my favorite actor of all time. I really like you you are my favorite actor of all time I like to see you on TV everyday.(L)(K)

  16. Vinícius says:

    Demi Essaouira in Brazil and wanted to say that in Brazil we love her friendship with Selena I’m a fan of it and wanted to do the chat with her kisses

  17. Laura says:

    Hi,Demi! I live in Romania..and I love you!

  18. anthonyrubini says:

    what’s your phone number Demi?

  19. brandon says:

    Demi I am from Mexico I just want to say I love you so much
    really I love you you are so beautiful, you are so beautiful you are the most beautiful in the world

  20. brandon says:

    I love you. Contact me please, you are the most beautiful in the world.

  21. brandon says:

    i now all your songs ask me I will answer you, you are the most beautiful I already say it, so sorry is because is the truth.

  22. Fernanda says:

    Demi you do not know how I’m your fan, seriously! I do not even know you personally, I love you too, love I never felt for someone. Did you both know, that’s my biggest dream.
    You’re a great example for me, admire you too!
    Finally, I would one day speaking with you personally, but I know that is impossible, because I’m near you? Nothing!
    I love you very much, and that you always be this wonderful person, amazing that you are! I love Diva. hope you can answer me *-*

  23. ayana says:

    hi girl. I love the make a wave song

  24. Hannah says:

    Hey Demi,
    You are really my role model, I listen to your music as much as possible. You are amazing at singing, you’re so lucky to have a gorgeous voice like you do. All I’ve ever wanted to do is be a singer and actor like you, it has always been my dream. La La Land is my favorite song of yours, and the long notes you do in are just phenomenal, I hope I spelt that right.. hahh x
    I know you won’t see this mail but yeah.. I love you Demi :D xxxx

  25. nicoli fernanada says:

    hi Demi Brazilian love you flower I love you

  26. dania says:

    hi Demi you are so cute are you and Selena bffs

  27. mariam says:

    Demi you are not cute

  28. ahlam says:

    hey Demi I love you so much you so awesome and you cut I want to talk to you but I don’t have Facebook do can’t add me on MSN and addu
    thanks you I love you

  29. Taylor Stadel says:

    Hi I love your music it is very good I am one of your biggest fans in the whole wide world I have always wanted to meet you, I look up to you all the time:)

    Taylor Stadel

  30. kristine says:

    Demi Lovato I’m your number 1 fan I see your movie in Camp Rock with my crush Joe Jonas your song was rock like this is me get back and everything I love you I hope I see yo here in Washington that is my wish I want to see you in person but it is impossible because you are a star thanks for everything

  31. kristine says:

    Demi I hope I see you I love you my friend and me want to see you in live I love you muaaaah

  32. Momina Abbas says:

    Demi I love you a lot muah….wanna see you and if that can’t be possible than please chat with me I love you a lot m in 7 class n in the city school karachi and I’m 12 years old this is my info please contact ( only 4 Demi ) love you ,muahh

  33. Jasmine Taylor says:

    wow I cannot wait.. I love her and I’m a big fan.. wow she is going to make my day if she starts talking to her fans :)

  34. Fita Refita says:

    hi Demi !!!!!! I love you so so much !!!I want to meet you in Indonesia,eager, please Demi !!!!!
    hold a concert in Indonesia………. I beg, I love you Demi, love you !!!!!!!! I’m a big fan of you ……
    Love you !!! Demi !!!
    I hope you can hold a concert in Indonesia,I was so hoping you can attend in Indonesia, I LOVE YOU DEMI !!

  35. lizzy says:

    hey babe you are like the best I love you I love you anways I am looking forward to you making a new song

  36. hazel kate says:

    hi Demi I’m hazel Kate just call me Kate okay. I like your songs totally and I like you so much can you be my textmate. thank you I love you very much

  37. Danielle says:

    hey Demi
    i think you are an amazing singer and actress :P
    i have a audition next month with a singing agency I am really exited but scared at the same time I would love it if you could give me some advice..
    i wish I could meet you sometime in the future but I think that is impossible
    love Danielle <3 xxx

  38. sandra says:

    hi Demi Lovato what are you doing tomorrow

  39. juan says:

    Demi you can’t with my friend

  40. Delilah says:

    Hi Demi Lovato nice to meat you do you want to be friends with Me!!!!!!

  41. rinor hoxhaj says:

    hey Demi do you have a Facebook account.,.,,.,not page.,,..,an account?

  42. juan says:

    dear Demi Lovato happy 18 birthday

  43. renzo says:

    i love you in my live . beautiful Demi remember please I love you

  44. tiarra says:

    hey Demi I really want you to come to my house in Texas please come if you can. I also watch Sonny with a Chance everyday oh and if you can bring Sterling Knight.(:

  45. atena says:

    hi Demi can you come to Romania (in Galati) please and come with your band. I love you. please come

  46. atena says:

    I love you Demi

  47. Nourhan says:

    Hi Demi,
    My name is Nourhan.What do you think of my name?I’m 14 years old and I’m from Egypt.Me and my brothers like you so much.I think you’re so beautiful and I like your smile very much.You are so funny.You’ve amazing and pure voice. I wanted to say happy 18 birthday,I’m sorry for being late.You know what I wish to meet you in the future.It was nice to write this to you and I wish you read this.BYE,I LOVE YOU.

  48. Ilie says:

    someone please give me a number or address Demi’s whereby you can talk to her?

  49. Ilie says:

    Demi Lovato is the biggest fan of yours and I’m from Romania please can you send me nice if you send any kind of message to me please very much

  50. Ilie says:

    contact me please you are most beautiful in world

  51. ana says:

    Hi Demi. Ana from Romania are:)). I’m curious to know if you are you with Joe (Jonas) and certainly not just me curious:)). I love Demi and know that you’re very cute :X:D.

  52. ileana says:

    Hy Demi.I love you and I like your music.I would be very grateful if you answer me.Here is the question:who is your best friend? Thanks and god luck

  53. ana says:

    hi ana half are from ROMANIA. which is your favorite food, but drink>? thanks for answering my questions and I love you half: X

  54. jasmin says:

    hey is that really you hey what is your real name on Facebook and myspce please tell me I love ya :) :) <3 <3

  55. REBECA says:

    i love you Demi Lovato you are my favorite singer

  56. REBECA says:

    I hope one day to meet you

  57. senda says:

    Hey Demi I love you so much you are my best but I want to speak with you in Facebook please babe!!!

  58. vanessa says:

    hi, Demi I’m a big fun of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love your show!….

  59. vanessa says:

    I love you so much !!!!!!!!!

    I wish one day I will meet you

  60. montse says:

    hello Demi I love you so much

  61. vanessa says:

    Please do other concert!!

  62. madalina says:

    hi Demi
    you are my idol and my voice is like your voice
    i like you very much
    i don’t can tell you how much I love you ,but…..i am a biggest fan of you
    i think I will become a popstar like you.

  63. sunny says:

    hi girls chat with me ?

  64. miimii says:

    Hi Demi!!
    just want to say I love you so much
    I can’t see your concert, because I’m in France :(
    But I watch Sonny With a Chance everytime !!!
    I love you and I hope one day I will meet you !!

  65. Krzysiek says:

    hi Demi I love you give your phone number?

  66. Krzysiek says:

    I’m Polish, and, unfortunately, will never meet

  67. ilham says:

    i like you$

  68. Luisa Armas says:

    Hey Demi Lovato I know NO ONE can be compared to you because your extremely pretty (no Homo) but my family thinks I sorta look like you

  69. geovana says:

    love you Demi

  70. rhanna says:

    Demi I am of Brazil I love you WHAT DAY YOU will come in Brazil?

  71. ayelen says:


  72. Carolina says:

    hi Demi my sister and I are your fans from Brazil and we’re saving money to go there in the United States hope to meet you at the Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers

  73. Amber says:

    I’d love to chat with Demi! I love her!

  74. Amber says:

    I am the #1 Demi Lovato and Sonny With a Chance fan ever!

  75. Nourhan Noura says:

    I love you Demi so so so much and I want your email I want to be your friend I hope to see you <3 I am your fan from Egypt :) I love camp rock and I will love Sonny With a Chance fan ever and I don’t know what I say again :D

  76. michael says:

    hi Demi I really want to chat with and be your best friend Sonny with a Chance and camp rock rules I love you.

  77. katie demetria ann devonne white says:


  78. katie demetria ann devonne white says:

    hey Demi

    I was wondering if y’all could help me out I get bullied a lot an I left school for a year and a half to be home schooled but I came back to school I’m 7th grade but all the bullying as started again I have moments were I have girls at school come an push me or spit at me punch me an kick me too also because I use to play piano they use to say that it was for stupid people an it got me down so much I stopped playing and it made me so upset and depressed I tried killing my self an I have problems with cutting my self but don’t worry I’m getting help for that and also because I play guitar they use to call me a retard an other nasty names an they use to call me fat an ugly but my mum said not to let them get to you an brush them off your shoulders so I kept playing an because I sing they use to call me names too but my grandad said follow your heart an never give up an he said my singing made him happy so I promised him I wouldn’t stop shortly after he passed away it hit me hard but I tried to be as strong as I could be an didn’t worry I’m still singing but I can’t sing in front of people without freezing because its knocked my self confidence so much PLEASE HELP ME AN TELL ME WHAT TO DO :( God Bless Demi AN PEACE OUT

  79. michael says:

    hi Demi

  80. RatchnaGeine says:

    hello Demi,
    I am very big fan of you ……
    I really loved your acting in Princess Protection and Camp Rock……….
    You are always best……… I like all your albums and my favorite is la la land and catch me………
    waiting for your upcoming albums……..
    and all the best ………….
    You are looking so cute and pretty…….

  81. Taylor says:

    I am Demi’s number one fan I don’t care what anyone says I AM!!! LOVE YA DEMI

  82. Taylor says:


  83. Taylor says:


  84. Kelly says:

    Hi demi, its kelly, i lv singing, writing songs, rapping and also acting. But all i need is for someone to help me fufill my dreams.And probably pls let it be u pleeeese.

  85. Oliwia says:

    Hej Demi uwielbiam ci? w swoim pokoju mam chyba ze 50 plakatów z toba!!

    Mam do ciebie pytanie przyjedziesz kiedy? do Polski??

  86. Josie says:

    Hey Demi
    Love you <3

  87. britney december t. canios says:

    hi demi lovato my name is britney canios can i be your friend

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