Demi Lovato Says Join The Surge

Demi Lovato wearing white. She says 'This is rare. Very rare.'

Demi Lovato, Clean & Clear and want fans to Join the Surge, and push the current teens taking action around causes they’re passionate about and raise it to 1.2 million. Find out more at “I’m asking you to join the surge,” Demi says in a public service announcement. “A massive movement of teens making a difference.” Watch the PSA via YouTube below the cut.

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2 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Says Join The Surge

  1. ruby says:

    omg she looks better pale because I like her when she’s all rock n roll and with the black nail polish and bangs down she honestly looks better pale that’s good she got in the singing and acting business because this girl is just working her way up to success;)

  2. ruby says:

    I love hows she’s always in to the whole save the surge, stop bullying, donate…, help the charity… she’s just so giving;)

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