Demi Lovato ‘Unbroken’ Lyrics Hangman Game

Demi Lovato at a soundcheck

featured in our hangman style game, where players attempt to select letters and guess the lyrics to one of the former ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star’s songs. The lyrics from the selected tracks come from Demi’s 2011 album ‘Unbroken’, released last September. Demi said about her third studio album:

With my new album, I’m hoping to provide inspiration for girls everywhere who are going through the same issues I’ve faced. I think this will come through in a lot of the material. My first single is really special to me – to me it symbolizes my journey from the person I was to the happy healthy person I am today, and the fact that people are able to rise above anything, despite the odds.

Check out the game below the cut, as well as the album artwork and track listing for some clues, and comment to share how you did. Good luck.

Demi Lovato 'Unbroken' album cover

‘Unbroken’ Track Listing:
1. All Night Long (Ft. Missy Elliott and Timbaland)
2. Who’s That Boy (Ft. Dev)
3. You’re My Only Shorty (Ft. Iyaz)
4. Together (Ft. Jason Derulo)
5. Lightweight
6. Unbroken
7. Fix a Heart
8. Hold Up
9. Mistake
10. Give Your Heart a Break
11. Skyscraper
12. In Real Life
13. My Love Is Like a Star
14. For the Love of a Daughter
15. Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)

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