Demi Lovato Visits Kenya

Demi Lovato visits students in KenyaBack in 2013, made a visit to Kenya, and the American pop star returned with some friends recently, with YouTube documented the journey. “I came here on my 21st birthday because being sober, I wanted to do something meaningful on a day that otherwise would have been wasted,” Lovato explained. “There’s something really special about this place that stays with you after you’re long gone.”

“Recently I brought a group of my closest friends back to Kenya,” Demi added. “I love coming here because it’s a place that puts everything into perspective. It’s raw and real and it connects me to helping people in a really powerful way. I wanted to share this place with my closest friends because I wanted them to hopefully have the same life-changing experiences that I did.”

Watch highlights from Demi’s trip via YouTube below.

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