Denise Van Outen Says Justin Timberlake Is Ugly

Denise Van Outen, who is currently starring in the West End musical Tell Me On A Sunday, believes *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake is talented, but not attractive, and mainly appeals to young girls. “I think Justin is talented but very unsexy. It’s all hype,” she told Heat magazine. “He looks like you’d take your bra off and he’d go ‘Durr, what do I do?'” As for his looks, she said: “He has a squashed up face like a Tennessee truck driver.” Van Outen took a final jab at Timberlake adding, “He’s just like a little boy copying Michael Jackson videos.”

Justin Timberlake’s ‘Senorita’ To Premiere On TRL

July 18, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: Justin has just finished filming his new video ‘Senorita’ off his album ‘Justified’. says that the video is filled with girls and is a “dusty, sultry imagery of a Spanish roadhouse..[with] Latin mamis”. Both Pharrell and Chad Hugo make cameos in the video. This will premiere next week on TRL. Read more.

Hollywood Descends Upon South Beach

July 18, 2003 – Contributed by vtg: Wednesday night after the concert, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz hung out at Mynt in South Beach. Thursday night, Britney Spears hit the VIP area at Skybar in the Shore Club Hotel also in South Beach. Lance Bass and the boys from ‘That 70’s Show’ partied at Opium Garden. Tonight, *NSYNC is set to hit Crobar, tomorrow Shi and Sunday Opium.

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