Dennis Miller Weighs In On Michael Jackson

Dennis Miller was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday where he shared his thoughts about Michael Jackson. “I heard you talking about it earlier. That is a cautionary fable, folks,” Miller said. “Because that should remind you, that’s what you get when you have everything you want. I mean, is that a sad situation? Huh? Jesus. Do you know, like, how sad your life is when you’re more at ease holding onto a Grammy than you are your own son? I mean, you see him with those Grammys, he’s always right like this. He’s got the kid hanging off the Eiffel Tower, you know? Unbelievable.”

Miller added, “Come on. Mike, get in the game. You know what’s happening is we’re all starting to get the vibe that it’s really sad. Something happened there. You know, we used to make fun of him, and I used to do the chimp jokes and the King Tut jokes, you know, Bubbles the Monkey. But now you look at him, and you realize it really is sad. You get the feeling that he invented the moonwalk backing away from his father, because something happened there. Something definitely happened there when he was a kid. And I feel bad for him. I don’t know where he’s going to go with his career now. I think he became the national spokesperson for the phrase ‘cut off your nose to spite your face.'”

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