Depressed Tiger Now Happy After Leaving Neverland Ranch

The Sun reports Michael Jackson’s Bengal tiger Spike has been returned to his trainer after just two months living with the singer. The tiger had the run of Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in Southern California but trainer Larry Wallach was called to take the cub back after it went down with depression. Spike is said to be much more happy back in his original compound in New York.

Jacko To Direct Film About Orphans

May 1, 2002 – According to the Hollywood Reporter, will take on his first film directing project with a big-screen adaptation of Jennings Michael Burch’s book ‘They Cage the Animals at Night’. Jackson will be helped on the project by writer-director Bryan Michael Stoller who said that the story “deals with orphans, and Michael always felt that he grew up as an orphan because, in a way, he missed out on his childhood. The boy in the book had a tough time, and Michael related a lot to that.”

Jacko Goes On Evening Shopping Spree With Kids

May 1, 2002 – The New York Post reports kept the Strand bookstore open an extra two hours Saturday so he could buy up books and Disney stuff for he and his two kids. The singer picked up more than $6,000 worth of merchandise, and reportedly picked up more goodies at FAO Schwarz.

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