Despite Pop Star Influence, Teen Girls’ Sex Knowledge Drops

Katrina, 17, who attends high school in southern Ontario, says images in the media can influence a teen girl’s view of acceptable sexual behavior, even if they know less about sex than teens a decade ago. “They show girls now like Christina Aguilera … she’s totally showing everything. How many little girls watch it? How many people my age watch it?” Katrina tells The Canadian Press. “They see it as like, `if she can do it, why can’t we? If she’s popular, this is how we become popular. (Girls) feel more comfortable doing it now that they see someone they look up to doing it.”

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9 thoughts on “Despite Pop Star Influence, Teen Girls’ Sex Knowledge Drops

  1. GoingUnderr says:

    That’s why all Christina fan base are teenybopper whores or gay prostitutes, man! It is so wrong that little girls look up to this fat thing, who whores around to get what she wants. So wrong, wrong, wrong and I feel bad for there parents, bringing messed up children in the world. For real.

  2. XTiNa_aGuiLeRa says:

    Ok I’m a very big Christina fan and I don’t leave my house wearing outfits similar to hers. I like her outfits. But I have parents who have made it clear to me that she’s an adult and when I’m an adult then I can wear what ever I want. If girls are dressing like her or acting like her then that’s their parents fault. The parents should have more control over their kids. This is kinda like when they blamed Eminem for lots of guys killing gay people. And when Marilyn Manson got blamed for the Columbine shooting. People can’t keep blaming the media. Everyone knows right from wrong and what’s acceptable for their age group. If they don’t someone out there could let them know. It shouldn’t matter who’s doing it or who’s wearing it or saying it or whatever. If you know it’s wrong then don’t do it. This is not an attempt to save Christina’s ass. I just think everyone can think for themselves. If a girl really wants to dress like a “slut” then she’s gonna do it whether Christina does it or not. If a guy wants to kill a gay person then he’s gonna do it whether Eminem says to or not. And if I want to shoot up my school (and I don’t) then I’m gonna do it whether I’m a Marilyn Manson fan or not. The media can’t be blamed for everything.

  3. XtinaFighter says:

    Xtina_Aguilera I totally agree with you! I am a HUGE Christina fan and I love her style and her clothes but that is not necessarily my style. that is her style. I do not dress like Christina and I don’t think I ever will. these people who dress like Christina look up to her but Christina isn’t the only one to blame! where are the parents when they walk out the house like that or buy those kind of clothes?!?!?!? I personally think that the media needs to stop putting all the blame on Christina and some of the blame on the parents who aren’t paying that much attention to what their kids wear!

  4. babet says:

    The girl’s on crack. I am a huge Christina fan…..but I don’t dress like her. if anything…the one thing Christina is all about is to be yourself…not to copy others.

  5. Greggle says:

    Stop laughing your ass off at your own ‘jokes’ you sad act. And if you hate Christina so much then why bother with her at all? Every piece of news popdirt has on Christina – you are here commenting thinking people actually care what you think. You’ve even gone so far as to make a website about her you looser. Here’s an idea – why don’t you grow up and get a life, and instead of talking to people over the internet go out and find some idiots who’ll listen to what you have to say.

  6. xtinasuxx says:

    Why do people say they love Christina and her style and they don’t dress like her? Is it because they KNOW she dresses like a huge whore or slut!!!? Yep that’s it!

  7. megan says:

    I am so with you… I see so many popstars doing junk like this these days.. and some of them I used to look up to, I don’t anymore. honestly, I think they are all ruining their careers doing this stuff.

  8. kayla kasper says:

    ok, I would like to be a teen popstar but I get stage fright and I love singing but I’m stage fright and one more I need help writing a song

  9. kayla kasper says:

    hi I love singing, but I get a little stage fright and I want to sing I feel like not being stage fright

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