Details On Adnan Ghalib And Britney Spears’ Night Together

The New York Post spoke with a close friend of married videographer Adnan Ghalib about the 35-year-old’s night with on Saturday (December 22), where he spent time with the troubled pop tart at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. “Britney just wanted to get things off of her chest,” a friend revealed to “She rambled on and on – he couldn’t get a word in edgewise, which is pretty unusual for him because he loves to talk. She was bouncing from one subject to another, yapping about everything from what was on television to her issues with her mom. She was all over the place, like someone with severe ADD.”

Ghalib, born in Afghanistan and raised in London, listened to Spears discuss how “she feels like she’s been abandoned and deceived by everyone around her lately, and she doesn’t really have anyone in her life and she’s scared,” according to the source. “He doesn’t want to betray her too, especially because this is the first time they’ve really been alone together.”

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