Details On Michael Jackson’s Nose.. Or Lack Thereof

This week’s issue of the newsletter talks about stating: “A make-up artist who has worked on Michael Jackson claims that Jackson accidentally flicked the end of his nose into the crowd at a performance late last year. (The tip had become disconnected after the trauma of endless surgical operations) The make-up crew now have to mold a new nose-end out of wax every day. This explains the gruesome “falling-off-nose” and “melting nose” effects seen in photos, as well as explaining why Jacko sometimes chooses to wear a surgical mask.” They also dropped news that reportedly booked some time in the hospital later this year as Posh is apparently pregnant.

‘What More Can I Give?’ May Get Release In Japan

February 21, 2002 – Roger Friedman of reports Michael Jackson’s much hyped and much delayed ‘What More Can I Give?’ may find itself debuted in Japan for their equivalent to Valentine’s Day… White Day. Sony USA is said to not want to release the disc which would compete with his ‘Invincible’ album. A source said of the Japan release, “Sony Japan is crazy about the project. They would release it first, build the momentum, and then Sony USA would have to release it too.” Read more.

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