Diana DeGarmo Performs At 31st Annual Vision Awards

‘American Idol’ runner-up performed at the 31st Annual Vision Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday (June 27). Check out pictures from GettyImages (show / arrivals), and WireImage.

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11 thoughts on “Diana DeGarmo Performs At 31st Annual Vision Awards

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Christ, her and Clay Aiken are determined to get their 15 minutes of fame. Despite the obvious fact that they LOST. Why is this little desperate tramp doing more media appearances then Fantasia? At least Justin Guarini was decent enough to lay low and let Kelly shine…But Diana and Clay seem to have be shameless, Money hungry pigs. I’m boycotting Diana’s album and everything she’s involved with.

  2. ko says:

    ^ Wane it’s ok. Everyone knows they have to be a g@y icon for you to like them. I bet if her album came with a huge dildo your a$$ would be the first in line to buy it. And you only use the word boycott…because you like the word BOY! LOL! Anyway Fantasia is better.

  3. MissPopular2004 says:

    I’m buying Diana’s CD too. I thought she was a lot better (READ ON)’, ‘plus why you callin Diana fat when look at Ruben. Diana is more pop. Fantasia is more of a dying duck sound.

  4. markt1960 says:

    You people that are bashing this sweet little 17 year old girl should be ashamed of yourselves for labeling her with such horrible names. You children need to do more constructive things with your life. I see anymore of this foul language on this thread I am reporting you to the moderator. Got it!

  5. Damack says:

    The moderator isn’t going to do crap about it. He already knows about it and doesn’t’, ‘do a single thing about it. Oh, and if you want to know who the mother*** moderator is, it’s musicman so your little bitch ass is now dismissed to go PM him with your equally whiny Diana DeGarbage self. Got it?

  6. markt1960 says:

    ohhh you scare – not!! You little PUNK!! You are the perfect example of a non-educated, foul mouthed moron, who probably doesn’t work, and is still at home sponging off his parents. Get a job and a life!

  7. MissBeehaven says:

    We sick of seeing her fat ass belly hanging out of her clothes. This trailer trash b!tch sucks. The woman absolutely CANNOT sing, and she looks like Miss Piggy.

  8. Damack says:

    You have one nerve to call me non-educated, when you are on a website where people’, ‘have freedom of speech telling the posters that you are going to run back to the moderator and have them removed from the site basically because their opinion and yours are not the same. That’s not only narrow, but given that this opinion is not something that’s very personal since it only has to do with the world of pop stars whom you know absolutely nothing about it also makes it quite ignorant. Oh, and I do have a job and a life that I am very content with, unlike you I don’t like vicariously through the people mentioned on this website nor do I wish to. Oh, and one more thing if you’re going to tell me that I’m not educated please check your spelling, because your credibility just went straight out the window.

  9. Fab says:

    So what if they are not the AI? They are talented people that deserve to be successful just like the ones that won the competition. If they should lay low to let the others shine it must be because the others can’t take the pressure?

    Diana will do great!’, ‘You all should take a good look at yourselves before saying all these nasty comments about a 17 year old girl that deserves a very sucessful career. What’s the poing with all the name callings? If you don’t like her, let it be. Why bother coming here just to bash? Get a life!

  10. clayfan says:

    The rules of AI don’t specify that if you don’t win you become obscure…look at all’, ‘of the participants of all of the reality shows…the first two girls who LOST on The Bachelor were brought back as the stars of The Bachelorette…the truth is that Diana Degarmo, Justin Guarini and Clay Aiken performed weekly in front of millions of people on TV and they established fan bases. AI was the No. 1 rated show each season. The record execs know that and were smart enough to sign them and subsequently these people sold millions of records. Why are you so sore? A great number of us would prefer to live in a Britney-less world, but we can’t, so no biggie, you know? We don’t watch her or buy her records, but we aren’t going mental over her huge success. Why are you so mental over the success of three singers who you don’t like? Your profound postings are just getting them MORE PUBLICITY.

  11. dooliedo2 says:

    I think Diana is so corny! Thankfully she did not win American Idol, if she had I would have barfed! It won’t be long before this off-key chick is outta here! First of all, she needs to lose some weight, take some voice lessons, and learn how to sing on key! Fantasia is so much better than Diana. America got it right! Diana is pathetic!

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