Diane Dimond: Arrest Warrant Issued For Michael Jackson

Larry King spent most of the hour on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ talking about the raid on Michael Jackson’s ‘Neverland’ ranch on Tuesday in connection with alleged reports the singer had molested a 12-year-old boy. Court TV’s Diane Dimond told King, “There is new and breaking information that will come out tomorrow, and that’ll come from the district attorney himself and the local sheriff. They’re going to have a news conference about 11:00 a.m., but I have learned something very important and I will pass it on to you, in that there was not just a search warrant out there today at Neverland. There was also an arrest warrant. And had been there, they would have put handcuffs on him and taken him to jail.” Read more.

Jackson Added To CBS ‘Sweeps’ Lineup

November 14, 2003 – According to Reuters, CBS confirmed on Thursday that it has scheduled a one-hour special chronicling the career of Michael Jackson, set to air on November 26th, the final night of the ratings “sweep.” Plans for the production remain fuzzy, but the special is expected to consist mostly of archival footage tracing the singer from his Motown days as the young lead singer of the Jackson 5 through his emergence as one of the recording industry’s biggest solo stars.

Jackson’s South Korea Ban

November 14, 2003 – The National Enquirer reports that when attempted to promote a concert in South Korea, he was told he’s banned forever from the country because he skipped out on income tax owed for his gig there in 1996.

Jacko Goes On Antiquities Shopping Spree

November 14, 2003 – The Las Vegas Sun reports was back at Antiquities (Forum Shops at Caesars). Dressed in royal blue and gold silk Chinese-style pajamas and a surgical mask, he called ahead to close off the store for his 1 p.m. visit on Monday and purchased around $40,000 worth of merchandise on his credit card.

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4 thoughts on “Diane Dimond: Arrest Warrant Issued For Michael Jackson

  1. rachel says:

    He is a brilliant man, I feel sorry for him. He may be psycho but its because of his bad childhood, his dad made his life horrible. This is very sad.

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    Poor Michael. All that stuff that went on when he was young has really affected him. its amazing how badly childhood experiences can affect someone. Its sad to think a Pop icon is going to be remember for what he did off stage, and not what he did on it.

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    Why, why, why didn’t SOMEONE think to talk him into going to counseling???? DOESN’T ANYBODY love him enough???? This man has been drowning in the demons of his childhood for so very long and all anybody does is take, take, take. There will NEVER be another Michael Jackson. His brilliance as a performer is unsurpassed but I truly believe he has nobody that really cares about Michael just FOR Michael. I hate that people in this world refuse to get involved in the troubles of others when they have a chance to make an impact. God help this man. No one else is going to.

  4. MistySl says:

    Mike went thru this years ago. Why would he still have children at his home, when he knows, it’s too dangerous for him.. No, I don’t think he did it, but I think he was stupid for coming on TV last year and saying,,he lets’ that cancer victim sleep over. HOW STUPID is he. Bad enough he walks around like Liza Minnelli on crack and scares people constantly. But to keep getting these accusations against him is just plain stupid. Let those damn kids stay at home. He’s a freak.

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