Did Britney Spears’ Music History Ignorance Play In Breakup?

Foxnews.com’s Roger Friedman is commenting on the breakup of Britney Spears and *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake, as well as his lunch with Alicia Keys. Friedman said, “When Britney made her startling admission to me – that she didn’t know who Yoko Ono or Linda McCartney were – Justin and the gang ferociously mocked her. In fact, even Justin’s mom – who seemed quite nice – was incredulous.” Friedman also says the two “had almost no physical contact all night.” Read more.

Blows Quarter Million In Las Vegas

March 28, 2002 – Y-100’s Fay reports Justin went through $250,000 during a non-stop 24 hour party during his time in Las Vegas. After his MGM concert, Justin went straight to the casino where he proceeded to lose $30,000 at craps. Afterwards, he jumped into his limo where he and his friends were taken to a post-concert .I.P. party, where they were greeted by a dozen strippers. Sources say Justin was tossing $100’s in the air screaming “God bless America!” as the strippers scrambled for the cash. Justin went back to the casino where he lost additional 10’s of thousands before returning to his hotel suite that was already host to a wild party. Timberlake reportedly bragged the next morning that he had slept with four girls.

On Doug Banks Show

March 28, 2002 – Justin called in to the Doug Banks radio show this morning from Fargo, North Dakota to talk about the tour and his sighting with Alicia Keys. Justin said of the Keys meeting, “Yeah we did have lunch,” adding “Well it was business related.” He added coyly, “Come on you know I wouldn’t tell you anyway.”

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One thought on “Did Britney Spears’ Music History Ignorance Play In Breakup?

  1. lea says:

    I think Britney should take a year off – take some college classes or at least brush up on some stuff before she does any more damage.

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