Did Britney Spears Think This Through?

Contributed Anonymously:

I think that there are two important things to note when thinking about Britney Spears’ upcoming reality show:

1) A big reason Britney is doing a reality show is because of “false tabloids,” right? Anyone seen Nick and Jessica lately? They’re all over the tabloids! If anything, this is going to grant her even more coverage and speculation by “false tabloids” especially since it’s a show about her personal life.

2) One of the biggest reasons that Nick and Jessica’s reality show was so successful is because of the way in which it was edited. Britney and Kevin are only letting viewers see what they want them to see. You think Jessica would have wanted her dumb blonde moments aired had she not known how big it would make the show? Most likely not. But I’m sure she wouldn’t take it back now.

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