Did Dr. Phil & Cedars-Sinai Exercise Poor Judgement With Britney?

Psychiatrists aren’t happy with Dr. Phil McGraw and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after the talk show host was allowed to go up to the room of , apparently against the troubled pop tart’s will on Saturday. One doc said he was “outraged and disgusted,” adding, “It is incredible that the hospital allowed Dr. Phil in her room. It’s a total violation of her rights.” Many also were upset with reports that a taping of ‘Dr. Phil’ on Monday would have Britney booked for an intervention.

Meanwhile, a man who has been close to Spears for several months, though hasn’t been seen much with the singer in the past few weeks, had good things to say about the man made famous by Oprah Winfrey. “I witnessed Dr. Phil being incredibly influential in helping the family unite,” Sam Lufti told People magazine. “His meeting with Britney has certainly made a positive impact instilling seeds of encouragement and reality within her.” Lufti added, “In the near future it is likely that more information may be shared with the public with the hopes of better understanding a situation as serious as this.”

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