Did Justin Guarini Get A Nose Job?

Many ‘American Idol’ fans are wondering if runner-up has had a nose job ala Michael Jackson, and whether he did it to distance himself from his black heritage. Justin’s full name is Justin Eldrin Bell Guarini and his biological father is Eldrin Bell. Eldrin lives in Atlanta, while Justin grew up with his mother and stepfather in Pennsylvania. Justin’s brother Eldrin A. Bell Jr. retains his father’s last name and lives with his father in Atlanta. Check out before and after pictures at bestnosesurgeryjob.com.

Talks ‘American Idol’

9, 2002 – Justin was on the CBS Early Show on Monday, where he talked about his experience on the big show. Asked about the finale moment and what he was thinking, Justin admitted, “Honestly, I was thinking, ‘Please let it be Kelly Clarkson’ and that surprises people.” He explained his ‘Survivor’ Colby type decision saying, “I was thinking, ‘Man, there’s going to be a national riot if she doesn’t win.’ I mean, it was close, but those are her songs, and she did them so well.” Read more.

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3 thoughts on “Did Justin Guarini Get A Nose Job?

  1. exotiq says:

    I doubt that! Haven’t you noticed that people tend to refine their features as they age and because he was younger on AI, he may have had more of that ‘boyish’ look to his face. As he has aged, his features refine more.

    People thought I had some work done when I went back to my 20-year high school reunion, because my features refined from the pudgy face I once had in high school–baby fat, etc. It happens! It’s a fact of life!

    He was raised by his mother & stepfather–that’s why his name is Guarini, which is his stepfather’s name. I don’t know the story of his brother staying with his bio father, but I have a sister that did the same, so who knows why what happened with him, but why does it bother you anyway?

    Are you just upset that he’s half AA and you want him to be more black to suit your preference? I’m half black & white too, and I’m so sick & tired of people like you who want to pigeon hole multi-racials into the JUST BLACK box!

  2. Halogen1 says:

    Interesting takes, both the poster and above commentator.

    Racial Categorizing Breakdown:
    Someone Other (non-Black and non-White) gets their own ethnic or racial group in the US. And if they’re mixed White and Other (non-Black), they get to be anything on the White to Other spectrum. BUT when people are Black mixed with other things, it always seems to default to Black, or for the ones who come out more fair and with less kinky hair, they are White; so strict and limiting! The major group who isn’t allowed existence (especially in the US) is Black/White bi-racial. And yes, it’s really stupid…plus, people don’t seem to realize that bi-racial is a unique combo of both a genetic AND cultural mix.

    (Sorry for the length of the above info, but it does chop my hide)…Black/White Bi-racial is a legit group and ranges in colors, hair textures, and facial features; Vin Diesel, Tom Morello, Maya Rudolph, Halle Berry, Jordan Sparks, Rashida Jones, Alana Davis, Rachel True, Mariah Carey, Eartha Kit, Etta James, etc…alllll Bi-racial Black/White. If they had a frickin’ group, then maybe folks wouldn’t be so separatist or ignorant about the whole thing.

    That said, Justin Guarini looks obviously mixed (Black/White to me). And, I also see how is nose looked so different from when he was young to when he was ~24, on American Idol. I actually like his nose better, when he was a kid; some stupid myth that rounded noses aren’t as nice, but heck, everyone can’t have the same nose or tastes! And whether or not he had a nose job, he’s still a handsome man…but yes, I do wonder. Lots of folks in Hollywood had nose jobs. And Lena Horne had a drastically different nose when young…so one does wonder what folks on the way to stardom do to themselves.

    But the poster does bring up a legitimate argument. It’s highly possible that Justin would get further ahead in Hollywood with a pointier nose. And it is difficult for him, as Hollywood (heck, the US, the world even?) don’t quite have an obvious place for black/white bi-racials, often having them just play one race or the other…which ties into my intro. And it would just be so much easier if Black/White bi-racials had their own group, not just to illustrate the range of looks, but to be culturally free to be “other.” Ok, that sentiment goes out to all folks mixed Black and something Other, and even to Black people who don’t fit the American stereotypes!

  3. Pam says:

    Yes, he sure did have a nose job. He had a nose that was much more African in its’ features, and definitely not what it appears today….much more narrower, and European.

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