Did K-Fed’s Violent Outburst Lead To Marriage Collapsing?

Australia’s New Weekly magazine reports insiders say Kevin Federline went wild during a recent argument with and began tearing up the furniture and punching walls with his fists. Fearing that she would be next, the petrified singer grabbed her sons Sean Preston, one, and two-month-old Jayden James, and bolted to the Four Seasons Hotel for safety. What set off the upstart rapper was apparently Britney’s joking about his appearance on WWE, where K-Fed was roundly booed by the audience. “Britney’s laughing set Kevin off and he went wild,” a pal revealed. “It was like he had weeks of pent up hostility in him, and all it took was one little comment to light the powder keg. He started screaming at her, smashing things and hitting the walls. Britney’s seen him crazy, but she’s never seen him like this and she’s never been so fearful for her physical safety.”

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