Did Kara DioGuardi & Perez Hilton Cause Adam Lambert’s ‘Idol’ Finale Loss?

Ramin Setoodeh of Newsweek is offering a list of reasons why Kris Allen was able to defeat Adam Lambert on Wednesday night’s ‘’ finale, despite most people believing Adam had wrapped up the singing competition. Setoodeh said the judges’ bias in favor of Adam made his voters lazy, adding that the Kara DioGuardi co-written song ‘No Boundaries’ was “the worst coronation song ever” that neither singer could pull off worked to Kris’ advantage. Kris also being a devout Christian while Adam hasn’t spoken about his religious beliefs aided Allen among conservatives, as no doubt did the Perez Hilton fueled speculation about Adam’s sexuality.

Setoodeh writes: “This shouldn’t be an issue in 2009. But if you’ve read any of online chatter about Idol this year, you know that sadly, there’s still plenty of hate out there. Adam has millions of fans, and it looked like he could strike an emphatic blow against homophobia, much the same way that Obama broke through the race barrier when he became the country’s first black president. But his ambiguous sexuality still cost Adam votes.”

The article at thedailybeast.com has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Did Kara DioGuardi & Perez Hilton Cause Adam Lambert’s ‘Idol’ Finale Loss?

  1. Jorge says:

    what defeated Adam was not his ambiguous sexuality, it was his overly-campy wannabe glam rocker act. he’s a MUSICAL THEATER act for god’s sake! for a show whose judges are usually quick to point out when something is “cruise boat” caliber, they let Adam run far too long with his falsetto and his corny “rock scream”. Kris Allen was just a more genuine singer, period – full stop.

  2. Bill Itzel says:

    You have it partially right. Perez Hilton cost Adam Lambert votes but not because he outed him. He cost him votes because the majority of Americans are sick of gays like him forcing a homosexual agenda on them, calling them homophobe if they have another opinion. People are tired of it and are backlashing against the gays attacks. It is not hate, it is self-defense and, although I think Adam probably deserved to win over Kris, because he is gay, people who have been made to feel stupid (and worse) for having traditional values, certainly didn’t want another gay hero pushing their agenda on them.

  3. Vada says:

    I agree with Jorge. It was Adam’s musical style that cost him the title. If he could have toned down the vocal histrionics, he probably would have won. This is not a ‘glam’ era in rock. Alice in Chain’s influence is much more obvious in 21st century rock.
    Only someone over 60 would consider Adam a ‘rocker’.

  4. hee says:

    Only someone over 60 would consider Adam a ‘rocker’.

    Vada, then you are very shallow and is disrespectful to the whole rock genre.

    The whole thing with the win is obviously the gay stuff. None of my conservatives friends voted for Adam because they are against gays and although I try to talk them out of it, that it’s something nobody could control, they don’t give a damn. they liked Kris anyways.

    better singer = Adam
    better artist = Kris
    better performer = Adam
    suited crowned idol = Kris

    for me it was a win-win because I appreciate both Kris and Adam’s talent however I gear toward Adam but he had more memorable performances than Kris. like how his top eight mad world will always be one of the highest rank idol performance ever. and that amazing rendition of ‘feeling good’, ‘satisfaction’ where most people are firstly drawn to him, or the polarizing performance of ‘ring of fire’. while for Kris his most memorable to me is ‘heartless’ and ‘ain’t no sunshine’ solely for the artistic side more than his vocal ability.

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