Did Larry Rudolph Blast Britney In AIM Chat With WoB’s Ruben?

WorldOfBritney.com founder Ruben Garay responded to the item PerezHilton.com posted where Ruben had asked Britney’s on/off rep Larry Rudolph to purchase his web site from an outside investor who owned the domain for $50,000. “There are absolutely no inaccuracies in that E-mail sent to Mr. Rudolph by me, in private,” Ruben wrote in a posting he has since removed. “At that time, I was faced with an option, to either raise the funds required to obtain the rights to the WorldofBritney.com domain, or let it go and move on. Either way you look at it, this site’s financial situation is nobody’s business and my decision to part and move on to bigger things was going to happen one way or the other, and now you’ll know why.” What followed was a pair of AIM conversations which allege Rudolph responded to Britney not meeting fans of a contest WoB ran in which the winners had travelled out of state. “Welcome to my nightmare… well my old nighmare anyway,” Rudolph allegedly wrote. “Thank god I’m free of that ****… used to deal with **** like that every day.” He later allegedly added, “It’s all about her dude… that sweet southern girl thing is total bull****.”

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