Did Lindsay Lohan Get Hit By A Motorcycle?

After The New York Post reported was hospitalized early Saturday morning after a motorcyclist sideswiped her “outside a club on 32nd Street,” ‘Entertainment Tonight’ contacted the rep for the singer/actress, who denied the report. “I spoke to Lindsay and she said this didn’t happen,” the flack insisted.

But the situation may create more troubles with the 22-year-old and her father Michael, who “confirmed” the news to the Post. “She’s not hurt. That’s all I really care about,” Lohan said. The Post also claimed that LiLo was taken to Beth Israel Medical Center, treated and released at 4 a.m. on Saturday, according to a hospital employee.

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Explains Paternity Issue With Kristi Kaufmann

Michael Lohan checked in with a video message on YouTube via HuntingtonActionFilms.com, the father of set the record straight on the paternity situation involving him and Kristi Kaufmann and Ashley Kaufman. “I want to apologize to my children, Lindsay, Michael, Ali and Cody, and to Dina, and to my family and the people I love,” the elder Lohan said. He also wondered about Kristi’s motivations, given that she went to the press with her allegations and has talked about the talents of her daughter, involving her in beauty pageants and selling interviews and photos to tabloids, all while claiming it’s not about fame or money. Michael was particularly upset with Kristi selling his private letters, calling it an act of betrayal.

Dina Lohan Loves Lindsay’s Sapphic Sweetie

was joined by her mother Dina and rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson in New York City on Thursday night for Sephora Celebrates Ten Years of Glamorous. “I love Samantha,” Dina told reporters. “She’s like a child to me. They’re great friends and as long as my daughter is happy and healthy, it is what it is.” Lindsay and Samantha left the event at midnight holding hands, People magazine reports. Read more.

Scientists Baffled By White Powdery Substance On Mars

Craig Ferguson joked during his ‘Late Late Show’ monologue on Tuesday night, “The Mars Lander was digging and found a white powdery substance. Scientists are baffled. Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been anywhere near Mars.”

Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Relationship ‘A Trust Thing’

People magazine spoke with Lindsay Lohan’s pal Cory Kennedy at Billabong’s 2nd Annual Design for Humanity Event Wednesday night in Hollywood, where the socialite discussed why Linds spends so much time with DJ Samantha Ronson. “I just feel like they have a very loyal and trustworthy relationship, which is really hard to come across in the world that Lindsay’s in,” Cory explained. “It’s a trust thing.” Read more.

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