Did Meryl Streep Lecture Lindsay Lohan?

‘The Insider’ correspondent Marc S. Malkin reports that when Lindsay Lohan was a little too late for filming on ‘Prairie Home Companion’ in Minnesota a few weeks ago, she was spoken to by Meryl Streep. Malkin hears Streep and Lohan had a talk in Streep’s trailer about movie-making etiquette, though the teen queen’s rep insists there was no tardiness. “She wasn’t late,” the rep says. “In fact, production wrapped two days early.”

Lindsay Lohan Attends Tour de France Finale

Lindsay Lohan and Sheryl Crow attended Stage 21 of the Tour de France between Montereau and The Champs Elysees on Sunday (July 24) in Paris, France. Lance Armstrong was a victor for the 7th consecutive year.

Pictures at abacausa.com have since been removed.

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One thought on “Did Meryl Streep Lecture Lindsay Lohan?

  1. astrange1 says:

    I predicted this would happen (yes, twisted, I’m right again!). I would have loved to had been a fly on the wall in that trailer. Streep has a rep for not only being the consummate actress but also being the consummate professional. Lindsay’s reputation is…well, different. She has the potential to be a solid actress if she gets serious about it. Maybe this will do some good. Hopefully, Meryl also gave her a sandwich.

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