Did Mottola Pay $300G For Wife’s Magazine?

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports Tommy Mottola is ponying up $300,000 for three issues of a magazine all about his wife . Mottola is underwriting half the budget – a total of $600,000 will be spent – at American Media group. Mottola, through his assistant, said, “That’s a months-old rumor and it isn’t true.” American Media’s David Pecker, however, confirmed the whole thing to Friedman on Monday. Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Did Mottola Pay $300G For Wife’s Magazine?

  1. Hotstar says:

    He could have saved the money, cause Thalia ain’t got no chances of becoming a big star in the English language market. If she keeps making whack ass songs like that one she did with Fat Joe she will just keep on flopping, no matter how many covers Mattola buys her.

  2. pobre_diablo says:

    Thalia is so untalented and all she does is lyp sync and imitate other artists.

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