Diddy And Jennifer Lopez Hang Out And Talk At Miami Club

People.com reports Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and ex galpal Jennifer Lopez, as well as their respective entourages of bodyguards and assistants, arrived at hip nightspot Opium Garden/Prive sometime between 12:30 and 1 a.m. and entered the VIP area early Monday morning. “J.Lo and P. Diddy were hanging out and talking and (were) virtually together all night till about 4 a.m., when they left,” a club staffer revealed “They danced and drank, and had a great time.” Puffy’s girlfriend Kim Porter was nowhere to be found and J.Lo’s fiance Ben Affleck is in London promoting ‘Paycheck’.

Ben Affleck Feels Lucky To Have ‘Amazing Fiance’

January 13, 2004 – Ben had some nice things to say about Jennifer when asked by The Mirror about the farce over their postponed wedding. “I had a tough time of it, but it’s made me stronger,” Ben said. “Hell and back would be one way of describing it. I feel real lucky to have such an amazing fiance and we are fine together, despite what people say. She is a very grounded person and no matter what people write about me they always are 10 times harder on her. She’s a human being and sometimes it hurts to see what she goes through. But we are strong together.”

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6 thoughts on “Diddy And Jennifer Lopez Hang Out And Talk At Miami Club

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    They happened to be at the same party. It was a private party at the Prive VIP lounge, which is a part of Opium, my best friend was there, and she said they said hello talked for a few minutes, and then they mingled with the other guests, but they weren’t together all night, and they certainly did not arrive nor leave together. Another thing, Y did this $hit get posted twice? like it’s that important that people go partying.

  2. Carrie says:

    I just want her to be happy whether it’s Ben or Puffy – it would be nice to see her smile again. I heard she’s dueting with Mariah – well I thought about it – anything J Lo touches turns to gold and Mariah’s got the voice – so maybe they’ll put a #1 hit out there that will touch all of our souls.

  3. fantasylover says:

    With all due respect JLover, unless your friend was watching their every move all night at this party, she wouldn’t know what they were doing. And considering that both their entourages were there, I doubt she would get that close to them to know what they were doing, all night. People magazine seem to be credible with their news stories, so I am more inclined to believe it. But that said, I doubt they will get back together though, even though, I personally wish they would, because I liked them together a hell of a lot more than Bennifer, and I thought she looked a lot happier with him than Ben, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    You obviously have never been to this club, PRIVE is a very private club on South beach, where artists bodyguards are not allowed to surround them, and it is a VIP club so they don’t have a separate VIP section, with that said, yes my friend could see their every move because the part of Opium that is PRIVE is not that large, and like I said they were at a very small party.

  5. keepthepeace says:

    I am JLo fan and all but JLover of w/e your name is everything you said is BS.I would much rather see Jen and Puff than Jen and Ben.She looked much happier with Puff and Ben is ruining her career.Since she’s been dating Ben she’s not the same anymore. I like her a lot more with Puff.I hope they get back together…I really think they will get back together one day.

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    Everything I said is BS? and when did I say I liked her better with this one or that one, I like her with whoever makes her happy. And you think everything I said is B.S. based on what merits? Have you been to Opium, do you know what the setup is like, were you there on that day, I highly doubt it. I’ve been to Opium, I’ve been inside Prive on multiple occasions, and my best friend was there on the day in question so I don’t know what you’re basing your argument on, but to me it sounds a little unfounded.

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