Diddy: I Cheated On J.Lo With Kim Porter

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs tells Power 105.1 radio host Egypt he wasn’t faithful to Jennifer Lopez when the pair were dating. “I cheated on her with Kim,” he said, referring to his current pregnant girlfriend, Kim Porter. “It wasn’t cheating to me.” He added, “[Jennifer] did her thing on some things too, now.”

Jennifer Lopez Talks With ‘Access Hollywood’

October 16, 2006 – Jennifer spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ co-host Billy Bush about her attempts to get pregnant, why she’s avoided publicity lately, and co-starring in ‘El Cantante’ with her husband Marc Anthony. Accesshollywood.com has since removed the video.

J.Lo And Marc On ‘RTL Boulevard’

September 1, 2006 – ‘RTL Boulevard’ profiled Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony, where Marc remarked, “When we’re on stage together, it’s the only time I get to be the boss.” J.Lo joked about how she “must have had about 20 babies by now” based on all the gossip. Afterwards, there was a panel discussion, in Dutch. The video clip at RTL.nl has since been removed.

Jennifer Lopez Wants Two Kids

September 21, 2006 – Jennifer is trying fertility treatment in a bid to have two children, according to a fellow patient at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Jennifer said she wanted to have two children,” the source told The Sun. “She said she’d recently started treatment and couldn’t wait to have a family.”

J.Lo Celebrates Grumpy Hubby’s Birthday In Vegas

September 19, 2006 – Jennifer Lopez and were videotaped in Las Vegas along with friends and family being escorted thru the Venetian Casino from dinner and celebrating Marc’s birthday at Tao Restaurant and Nightclub to their Penthouse Suite, by numerous private and house security. Friendly J.Lo was seen talking to a fan who noticed her during the escort and saying “hi sweetie”, while grumpy Marc was seen drinking a beer and yelling at a passer by who got too close. Footage at splash-video.com requires an account.

J.Lo Says New Spanish Single ‘Que Heciste’ Came From Husband’s

September 13, 2006 – After working on Jennifer Lopez’s new Spanish-language album for the past three years, the diva’s husband woke her up one spring night with a little bit of inspiration. “Marc woke up and said, ‘I just had the craziest dream,'” Lopez recalled to MTV News. “‘What was the dream?’ And he said, ‘Rocío Dúrcal was in this room and she was saying, “Come here, get in this room right now, listen to this. This song is for Jennifer,” and she was singing a melody.'” It was two weeks after the Spanish ranchera singer died after a long battle with cancer. Read more.

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One thought on “Diddy: I Cheated On J.Lo With Kim Porter

  1. champagne_dancer says:

    He’s a crook, plain and simple. A petty gangster. And a really, really poor “artist.” He’s been involved in gangsta murders and now he’s admitting he’s a cheater. And he keeps bringing illegitimate children into the world. Someone should pop a cap in his butt

    when he was with J-Lo; they found guns in his getaway car. He’s a thug! And he’s bragging that he cheated on J-Lo? I guess that translates to record sales: He’s going to debut at No. 1. There’s no accounting for taste.

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