Dido Falls For Canadian Model

The Sunday Mirror reports has fallen head over heels in love with male model Rodney Webber of Canada. “Dido is absolutely in love,” a friend revealed. “She has been introducing Rod to all her close friends. She couldn’t be happier.” The friend added, “She’s blissfully happy with him. And taking him to Rollo’s wedding proved to all the family that she was serious about Rod. He’s quite laid back and takes it all in his stride. He’s not starry at all – and that’s one of the things Dido likes about him.”

Packs An Unlikely Punch

December 30, 2003 – admitted in an interview with Q magazine to acting violent when she was about to get on stage to sing with her brother Rollo’s band Faithless. “The security guard wouldn’t let me on, insisting it wasn’t my turn because Faithless were on,” Dido explained. “‘I am in Faithless, you idiot,’ I told him, but still he wouldn’t move. So I punched him in the stomach and he dropped to the floor. I can be really horrible sometimes, a total bitch.”

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