Dido Is No Diva

Dido wearing a tank top

While fellow superstars Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and may lap up the celeb lifestyle, keeps it firmly at arm’s length and still lives in Islington, North London, where she grew up.

“I haven’t become a diva. I hate people who are rude to waiters,” she tells The Sun. “And I never buy designer clothes, I still just go to Topshop. I do well on the non-famous front. Sometimes someone will tell me I look just like Dido. I just say, ‘Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment.’ But mostly I’m left alone. Fame doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Success is a fantastic thing and has made my life very exciting. But it has done nothing for me except be a little bit weird. I just love writing songs, that’s what I live for.”

The story at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Says Sophomore LP Pressure Is Fun

Top of the Pops caught up with Dido and asked the singer if she felt pressured to top the huge success of ‘No Angel’. “I think there’s always pressure to become a better artist, singer, producer,” she said. “But I think that’s half the fun of it. It’s limitless. I didn’t feel an enormous pressure because of what happened, I felt pressure because I wanted to make a really good second album.”

Dido’s Economical Hotel Stays

The Glasgow Daily Record reports that Dido takes her own packed lunches to hotels because she doesn’t want to pay for room service. The award-winning singer worth millions confessed, “I would be in the Four Seasons Hotel and I was going down the street to buy crackers and sardines because I refused to pay $50 for room service. I still do that.”

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2 thoughts on “Dido Is No Diva

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    That’s nice…having a successful career out of the spotlight is truly the greatest life to live I believe…away from all the spotlight and glamor…away from the black hole of celebrity…just living life the way you see it…writing songs…becoming hits…becoming flops…and still enjoying life because of it…that’s the way celebrities should live…maybe then life could be more complete without having drugs and stuff make it even less complete than it already is.

  2. hotstuff says:

    or, she’s nowhere near the status and success that they have and doesn’t have the big $$ to live their kind of life style. I didn’t even know who the hell she was before Stan came out and then she had the one-hit ‘Thank You’ for a while.

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