Dido Still Fond Of Eminem, But Doesn’t Keep In Touch

While is thankful for the sales explosion Eminem provided her by sampling ‘Thank You’ for his 2001 hit ‘Stan’, the two don’t keep in close touch. “We weren’t really sort of phoning each other on a regular basis in the first place,” Dido said. “I saw him, probably, like, a year and a half ago, or something like that. But if he was in the same place. [If] I found out he was in the same hotel, then, you know, I would totally go and say ‘Hi,’ ’cause apart from anything, I really like–not only did I like him, but I really liked all the people he works with. They were so sweet to me.”

Dido’s New Lease On ‘Life’

For all the scrutiny of Dido’s new album ‘Life For Rent’, the English artist tells Billboard.com she has put BMG’s sales estimate for her previous album ‘No Angel’ out of her mind. “It was very easy to put it aside,” Dido insisted. “I was so desperate to get back in the studio, because I had all these ideas in my head. Then I was in this studio environment where you’re completely unaware of what’s going on. Actually, I think I had way more fun making this record than the last one.”

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