Dido Still Promoting ’99 LP But Will Start New Work Soon

Billboard spoke with Dido about her future projects where the singer sighed, “I’m still promoting [‘No Angel’], unbelievably.” Adding of the album released in 1999, “I won’t really be starting [on a new album] probably until April, ’cause I’m still desperately flying around and sort of doing stuff [on ‘No Angel’], but I want to spend this year getting the record right. I’d love to get it done sooner. I don’t want to spend any longer than the rest of this year doing it.”

Red Faced Brit Awards Drop Dido From Newcomer Race

January 16, 2002 – After getting blasted following the their Monday announcements for Brit award finalists, the bosses behind the show have more to be red-faced about following news that they wrongly included Dido in the best newcomer award, even though he was already nominated last year. Strangely, they haven’t commented on why Atomic Kitten, who also was nominated as a newcomer this year AND last year, will be handled. Dido seemed to take the news in stride. Read more.

Dido Talks Sophomore Album Plans

January 3, 2002 – Radio 1 spoke with Dido as the singer is beginning work on a follow-up album to ‘No Angel’. Dido says she’s not quite sure what the album will sound like admitting, “There’s a mixture of emotions. I’m so looking forward to making it, pressure doesn’t come into it. I’ve got so many ideas – I’ve been looking forward to getting into the studio to put them down.”

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