Dido Waves ‘White Flag’ At The Fiance She Ditched

The Sun reports is set to release a new single called ‘White Flag’ as a heartfelt apology to Bob Page, the man she dumped as they arranged their wedding. Of her split with Bob, all she will say publicly is: “It was a big decision not to get married so I’ve put all that to one side. We’re still friends, we still get on amazingly well and he’s still the love of my life.”

Chats With Capital FM

stopped by Capital FM in London to talk about her new album and what she’s been up to lately. Asked if she was glad in a way that she was a little bit older when she achieved success, the singer said, “If this had happened when I was 19, I would be a lunatic by now. I mean its been insane, and I think it’s great it happened in my late 20s, because I sort of can basically take it in my stride, and think well, it’s all a little bit shocking but a lot of fun. I just think we’re having so much fun with it now. Everyone who was involved in the first album, they’re still involved and we’ve all just enjoyed the success of it.” Audio has since been removed.

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