Dido’s Cancer Fear

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Dido believes she may die of cancer because she took fluoride tablets for her teeth as a kid. “It’s all natural I promise, but it may come back to haunt me,” Dido said of her pearly whites. “I had radical treatment on my teeth from the age of three, an experimental fluoride pill. So while it worked wonders I’ve never had a filling and they are always dazzling white I’ll probably die of cancer or something as a result.”

A Rockin’ Dido In Our Future?

The Sun reports Dido is hinting at a rockin’ album in the future. “At home I scream songs all the time, really aggressive songs,” she admitted. “They just haven’t made it on to a record yet. Will they one day? Never say never.”

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One thought on “Dido’s Cancer Fear

  1. Hotstar says:

    B!tch please… stop being so pessimistic. If you don’t have cancer already stop pretending as you are destined to get it. Its an insult to all the people who do have the disease. How tacky of Dido to say some ***** like this!

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