Dido’s Props For Christina Aguilera

Dido teeth

According to a posting at LiveDaily.com, Christina Aguilera has received praise from Dido, was on TRL UK on Tuesday, saying she thinks Christina right after they played ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’. says she could never wear the outfit Christina was wearing in the video and gives her credit for being so “out there.”

Performance And Interview On Radio 1

September 1, 2003 – Dido’s back with a brand new album – ‘Life for Rent’ – at the end of September, and ahead of her appearance at One Big Weekend in Cardiff, she joined Radio 1’s Jo Whiley and their four competition winners for a special Live Lounge performance. Asked about the video for White Flag, said, “I asked David Boreanaz, from ‘Angel’, to be in it. I wanted someone dark and twisted, and young. He’s a lot of fun, and he was really up for it even though it was something that he didn’t have to do.” Audio and pictures have since been removed from bbc.co.uk.

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5 thoughts on “Dido’s Props For Christina Aguilera

  1. HoneyRain says:

    finally.. someone who isn’t afraid or intimidated by an “out there” woman.. and it’s not like Christina is the first to be this way.. so bold and sexual.. (Courtney Love, Madonna, Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Rose Mcgowan.. Prince had a whole pack of “out there” women)

  2. jimmypee says:

    cool. someone with talent herself, gives Christina’s talent credit, and admires her for being so bold.

  3. Lil_Shant says:

    YAY I love Christina and I think Dido’s first album was well good… tho I’m not sure about her new song… but o well! at least she’s got her head screwed on and can give props where there credited… peace

  4. tena says:

    Jimmypeethebed, nobody was giving credit for her talent, but, her tacky outfit.

  5. FaustoAguilera says:

    Since when is “out there” a compliment? She was dissing that fat Latin whore.

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