Dina And Ali Lohan Visit ‘The Early Show’

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina and younger sister Ali visited ‘The Early Show’ to talk with co-host Julie Chen about their reality show ‘Living Lohan’. After playing a clip of Ali recording a new song in the studio, they discussed Ali having a hard time not being so critical about herself. “You know my sister’s so hugely successful,” Ali said, “I feel I have to follow in her footsteps and I feel I have to do as good as her. I feel a little nervous when I have to impress everyone.”

Mom Dina said that Lindsay “has taught her so much. Ali has seen so much that’s happened. I think for Ali she has really had a head start.” As for why they did the show, Dina said that it was “to diffuse the rumors. The press for two years was really horrific on us. Ali is a talented artist. I have two sons as well who have nothing to do with the business. I think at that point, you know, there’s such a weird perception of Hollywood families and we’re so not like that. We’re just normal people.” Watch the interview below the cut.

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