Disappointed With Avril Lavigne’s New Single

Contributed anonymously:

I heard Avril Lavigne’s new song ‘My Happy Ending’ for the first time, and I really am disappointed in her. I loved her old songs, but this is her second poor single. There is nothing new, or remotely different about this song. It expresses no vocal ability whatsoever, and her lyrics are poorly written for a girl who is almost 20 years old (Co-written I should say). It sounds like every other pop rock song out there, it actually kind of sounds like Michelle Branch’s song ‘Everywhere’. I just think that Avril’s music has gone totally downhill. Her voice isn’t strong, her songs are boring and repetitive, she still hasn’t played guitar on her record. How exactly has she progressed in any way? I totally think this is a cheap way to get a hit, by releasing a typical cheesy pop tune that requires no talent to sing, and no originality.

Wants To Work With Outkast

July 7, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: According to Flare magazine, Avril is aching to collaborate with Outkast. “‘Hey Ya’ is the best song in the world!” she gushes.

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9 thoughts on “Disappointed With Avril Lavigne’s New Single

  1. hellahooked says:

    I don’t like Avril but I think her music is better now. ‘My Happy Ending’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me’ were pretty alright even though, the lyrics kind off sucked.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    lets all give this person a round of applause! she’s opened her eyes and stepped out of the crappy hell known everywhere by Avril fans. I applaud you. you stepped into the light. right on.. DOWN with Advil!

  3. nanda_lo says:

    You’re all wrong. She didn’t “co-wrote” it, the lyrics are hers and Evan’s just like Don’t Tell Me and for your information, the critics are loving this song because it’s mature, the music is wonderful and fit with her perfect lyrics. Now who knows more about that, you or them?

  4. otownfreak11 says:

    I personally LOVE the song….i LOVE the album I can’t stop listening to it….my friends who couldn’t stand her when she was all ‘complicated’ and now there like buying her album like a crazy people…..the lyrics to me are so much more mature….there basically talking about some jerk of a ex-b/f who wouldn’t take no for an answer….but that’s your personal opinion, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it…..but I LOVE it!!! and she plays the guitar when she is performing….if you even look in the little book thing..songbook?…her own band doesn’t even play the background music…and she does play the guitar…example Much’s I&I in like June-sih….i still like her.

  5. Malynda says:

    I personally love Avril Lavigne and her music. I relate to a lot of her songs and she is a really good singer. She sings her songs with feeling because almost everything she sings is about her and what she had to go through. That was a pretty good article though stating your opinion, but I think otherwise.

  6. JuniorGirl04 says:

    1. If the lyrics are hers and someone else’s that does mean she co-wrote it…that’s the definition of “co-writing.” 2. Who cares if the critics like something (I will say that most critics don’t like your precious Britney…yet you don’t care, do you?)? It’s the record buying public that matters most. Her new album is a success…I’ll give you that, but this particular person doesn’t like it…why does that give you license to jump her butt?

  7. Reba says:

    I was never an Avril fan (I hate that angst-skater music). I did, however, see her perform a couple of songs live on Regis and Kelly. I must say I was impressed with her vocals. The performance was scaled-down, because it was on morning TV. But, nevertheless she sounded really good. Her interview skills are very lacking, though. She answered every question with one word, and she really seemed immature.

  8. allyouwanted says:

    She has played guitar on her album’, ‘for this song she co-wrote with butch walker but this person is wrong that she never played guitar on her album, she did in slipped away. I’m on your side. and for the people who said there’s no point in bashing her, this is her opinion, well this author has problems with separating fact from fiction.

  9. supasweetfreak says:

    Well, Avril has acknowledged that the new CD might be a bit too mature for the teenies who are like totally in love with Hilly D and other lip-sync media creations. Maybe when you learn what real music is about you will gain an appreciation for Avril! Good to see her mad songwriting skills being appreciated by Kelly Clarkson and others!

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