Discussing Domestic Violence Is Therapeutic For Aguilera

Bakker of The Daily Telegraph spoke with , where the singer discussed her willingness to be open about the family violence circumstance she grew up in before her mother Shelly left her then husband Fausto. “I’m always inspired to talk, and I think it’s important for me – therapeutically so – to talk about my past with abuse,” she explained. “I feel it’s only right to talk about a subject that in society is so hush-hush, you know, with neighbors not getting involved, but these are people’s lives. I think it’s good to remember your pain to some degree so you can learn from it. That drives me to go further and be better than ever just because I never want to go back there again. I’m driven to exceed anyone and everybody’s beliefs of what I can do – even myself. So I’m a dreamer as well.”

The full story at dailytelegraph.com.au has since been removed.

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