DLF Sponsors ‘Shoeboxes For Lupus’

Contributed by elgato:

According to Backstreet.net, Backstreet Boys star Howie D’s Dorough Lupus Foundation Support Group has a new Christmas project called ‘Shoeboxes for Lupus’ that distributes shoeboxes full of gifts to teens living with lupus. They explain, “Well, you find a shoe box, and you put all kinds of things in it that would make life a little more enjoyable and comfy for someone who may be suffering. Like some nice shower gel, or a Hershey’s chocolate bar, or maybe a nice pair of thick, comfy socks. Use your imagination…. if someone gave you a box, what would you like to find in it?…The support group (for the teens) will be meeting on December 17th, so we want to have them all to the DLF by then. So, let’s get out there and help some people feel the love from us during the Holidays!! ” Get more info here.

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