Do All Female Pop Stars Hate Christina Aguilera?

Contributed by looker:

After watching yesterday’s MTV Europe Awards and reading the news the last couple of days, I seriously have to wonder if most females stars in the pop world hate Christina Aguilera.
Read on for a few examples of what I mean, just from the last few days.

1. and Christina have a long running feud since the filming of the Lady Marmalade and Pink criticized the selection of Christina to host the awards openly….
2. We all know about the Kelly Osbourne-Christina thing and it really got nasty at the awards yesterday.
3. At yesterday’s MTV Europe awards when Christina won best female, Beyonce did not try to hide her disgust and I mean disgust not disappointment. It may have just been disappointment at losing but Beyonce won 2 awards including awards best song and my guess is she just does not like Christina personally.
4. Britney always says there is no rivalry between them but it is also clear that the two are not fans of one another, personally or professionally.
And then there are the other female celebrities who don’t like her and have said so including and or Kylie Minogue all of whom have dissed or criticized her publicly.

I personally love Christina because of her talent but I wonder why so many celebs criticize her. Normally they are all so fake and diplomatic and pretend to all like one another, why not with Christina?
Normally I would say it is just hating but there are really so many people who have nasty things to say about her, obviously some of these people like Kelly Osbourne or even “alternative wanna be” Avril are just after attention but why Pink, Kylie, Beyonce or Mariah all successful singers with their styles.

Xtina could go down in history as one of the best voices in pop history and one of the most hated people among her colleagues.

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45 thoughts on “Do All Female Pop Stars Hate Christina Aguilera?

  1. Julie says:

    These people know her better than we do. She must be a bitch.

  2. irene taylor says:

    it’s really shameful that other pop celebs & especially the media find satisfaction in being openly vicious & ravenously hateful to any one individual. Christina evidently has never developed good social skills. according to her bio on E! TV, she has been bullied & harassed by her peers since she was a small child. SAD! that could cause anyone to grow up to be a bitch.

  3. pamela says:

    Why would so many people not only have a problem with her, but voice their feelings publicly? With many different established celebrities coming forward and saying the same thing about Aguilera – how could we NOT believe it’s probably true?

    If we were to base it to simply upon how she has carried herself, then it certainly seems like she is either conceited (full of herself) or has no respect for herself- just based on the fact that she marketed herself as a sex symbol (or rather, a slut, to be plain honest) and was promoting being “Dirty”. If I had a daughter, I certainly would not want her to look up to a woman who bares all for the sake of sales and publicity. Not a good role model.

  4. miranda says:

    that’s sad that their making fun of Christina that’s no way to treat someone I wonder if Avril would like that if she got made fun of

  5. olivia says:

    Beyonce and Christina are friends. Britney and Christina fought only in music business because they had to it was both of them going big. I don’t think woman liked her because she they thought that she was doing a horrible thing by being provocative in her videos, when she was just proving a point that she would be called a slut just for being provocative she thinks that woman should not be scared of there sexuality. (and in other videos with guys singing the songs and getting just as naked and dirty as Christina but they were not called man whores, she proved her point). Pink doesn’t like her because Linda Perry who helped Pink write songs went to work with Christina instead. Mainly I think they don’t like Christina because she’s comfortable with her sexuality and she doesn’t give a f**k about what people think of her.

  6. Hudson says:

    It’s because she is a true bitch. And so is her mother. Everybody in the music industry says Christina is a bipolar bitch and has mental problems.

  7. Mary says:

    I don’t think Aguilera is a bitch

    1.Pink, just hate her because Linda perry work for Aguilera, is just playing jealous.

    2. Beyonce oh please .. she shake her ass always, use short skirt, shake more ass, common people.

    3. Avril Lavigne, first she came like oh don’t give a fu#$%^ about pop , like saying I’m not a blonde girl, few years later she change her hair color in blond, she wears pink, oo but no she just a punk girl, and punk girls con use pink oh please she change to someone she criticize in the beginning…..

    4. Kelly Osbourne, she’s a mean girl, she criticizes everything, she’s mean with other people.
    4. Britney, The media was the one who did the fight between them, because the two of them were young and release and album, I don’t think they hate each other.

  8. judith says:

    my friends uncle used t be her chauffeur and he said she was a right bitch, never said a word to him and if she did it was snappy and rude.

  9. Markus says:

    There’s just one diva Christina is so afraid to diss….and that’s MADONNA.

  10. Markus says:

    I don’t Christina’s a bitch or had the right to bitch others, well that is if she’s after big bitches themselves like Mariah who’s a whole lot of diva bitch that had quarrels with Madonna, JLO, Leona. I don’t think Christina had a fall out with Pink and Beyonce, Beyonce is the nicest young diva this decade, Pink is Pink, period. but having a quarrel with Christina is lame, if she really hates Christina then she’d put her in one of her diss videos like what she did with Paris and Jessica Simpson. Kelly Osbourne is a loser. period. Avril Lavigne, well she used to hate the likes of Britney and Christina, but look at her now, even posing half naked, breasts and all, plastic bitch. Britney? Mickey Mouse wouldn’t love that idea of hating each other.

  11. XOXO says:

    I don’t think that Christina’s a bitch. most of the artists that have been mentioned are simply envious of her. too, artists like Pink, Mariah, Avril, Britney, and Kelly exhibit emotional and behavioral problems — this is I think what they don’t see in Christina that’s why they hate her so much. they want to pull her down and their means is to let the public know how much they hate her hoping that they’d persuade them to think & feel bad about her too.

  12. sam says:

    Why would some of these ladies be hating on this 5’0 girl? think about it it’s not because she sings awesome because Mariah has a way better voice and so does GAGA and Beyonce as well so it must be the mean attitude.Christina has admitted to coming on too strong and not knowing how to make friends is a problem for her.I don’t think it’s envy I think that Hollywood ladies are used to being number1 all the time there’s no room for friendly competition or friends.

  13. Trish says:

    I think Christina may be a bitch but the fact is…and I hate to admit it…that girl can sing. She has outdone Carey and Beyonce and that isn’t easy. Beyonce has great vocals but Christina’s are superior. I like Beyonce, by the way. Carey used to be Xtina’s idol but she was a snot herself and started that Rivalry. As for Pink…I love Pink…she has a great voice that can’t be compared to the other women because her voice is so rich and unique. My guess is that Pink is down to earth and Christina isn’t so much, but hey, whatever. Osborne…I won’t even bother commenting….the girl is famous because Ozzy is famous. Finally…Avril…I can’t stand that woman who still pretends to be a girl…and I’m Canadian! What people don’t know is that there is nothing real about Avril…she is completely ‘processed’…she has had great composers and lyricists write some of her best songs…not most popular (for 12 year olds) but her best. Someone pasted her look together and now she wears it and pretends it was all her doing from the start. What a joke! Furthermore, she can carry a tune…but her voice is by far the weakest. Her image is so constructed. And if Christina is a pain….Avril is the brat. Real talent from Canada….Morissette, Sarah M., J. Arden, J. Mitchell, (and as much as I dislike this one…) Celine Dion. Cheers

  14. Alexander says:

    I agree with basically everything Trish has said.
    WTF is up with all this pop rivalry, seriously get over it. I am a huge Christina fan, mainly in the last couple months because I was ignorant of her existence until this year, yeah I know I’m a dumb ass. But since than my opinion of her has SKYROCKETED!! the girl has such great talent, I would not say she is the best singer in the world, but she has such a raw power and strength in her voice that we’ve not seen since Whitney Houston! so seriously all you haters, learn your history, compare and analyze. She may not be able to manipulate and control her voice to the degree that Celine Dion, Beyonce and Whitney can, but that is just because of lack of experience, give the girl time and I truly believe that once she has total mastery of her voice she will blow the music world off its hinges.
    seriously though… stop with the hating. As much as I like Avril too, yeah she acts like such a spoiled little brat, p!nk I don’t know what your beef is, you’re all ready unique you shouldn’t have no problem. Mariah, shut it women your just sad cause your not all powerful queen of the world diva anymore… Beyonce shut up as well, I mean yes you have a great voice, but a pretty voice and pretty face wont get you far.
    Christina has a truly unique voice, its so powerful and strong, and with greater experience and training, she will be up there with the greatest singers and vocalists of all time ie – Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Regina Velasquez etc.
    so… simply put BACK OFF HATERS!!!
    oh and ps. Britney and Christina are always gonna be eternal rivals, pretty much because Britney can’t sing for sh** and she’s jealous XD

  15. Robin says:

    Christina has an amazing voice and is one of the best female singers ever, but she makes bad music. Gaga and Beyonce don’t have better voices than her.

    What you people said about Avril is not true. She has a real voice which is stronger than the voices of Britney, Gaga, Kelly Osbourne and many more. Have you ever heard her song “Alice”? She writes her own songs. She changed because she became older and blond is her real hair color.

  16. Janet says:

    I wish Aguilera didn’t flaunt her love of her life and say how she lives him. Its not easy to grow up without a good example of a functional marriage, sing about it, state how you found a true hubby, open up about it on a VH1 special, and just months later it goes poof. I don’t know her, but I wished it wasn’t just in song, wished she really kept up the marriage.
    I myself have hard feelings about my parents marriage not kept up for only 14 years and that’s why I don’t talk about my marriage. If you flaunt it, if you get too many persons involved, it might just wash away. Good Luck Christina, love your delivery of your music( trust the voice within, in my mind as I write)

  17. Art says:

    lol some of these comments are funny and I disagree with them but some I agree with.. I don’t know why so many people don’t like Christina, I like her. I mean she is not a legend of anything like Elvis, MJ, Whitney, Madonna, Celine, Mariah, Janet.. but she DOES have talent! I just think that she doesn’t know how to present herself well. She can sing, dance, and act plus she is VERY artistic. Beyonce doesn’t like her because she is a better entertainer. Beyonce is nothing more than fake and “processed”

  18. William says:

    Christina has stated publicly that she suffers from depression. She has admitted that she is guarded and people think she is distant because she is a deep thinker. Christina may well be one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time, Much of her greatness comes out of her dealing with inner pain. Her songs “You Lift Me Up”, “Hurt”, “Beautiful”,”A Song for You”, ” Bound to You”.., are all examples of her ability to explore a full range of emotions and touch the human heart to its very core. The list of great ballads she has made is astounding considering she’s still relatively quite young. Like all of us she’s made mistakes, but she possess the heart. mind and intelligence of a great artist and often the great artists are misunderstood.

  19. Leonard says:

    It’s an envy matter.
    Christina has the most powerful, raw, unique voice in recording industry. I agree when people say she still doesn’t manage her pips 100% she still needs train but time will make its course.
    Record companies conspire against each other’s talent so this mean Aguilera didn’t get a nod for the 2011 Grammy awards for You Lost Me. They know if she gets nominated she would perform and blow all those bitches away… *I Mean mostly Lady Gaga* whom seems to be pull to become the new Madonna. Like if we need it or wanted such thing because Madonna Rocks!!!
    Anyway hate towards Aguilera is pure envy, I don-t doubt Christina might be a Bitch and trust me that is one of the reasons after her talents why she’s my All Time favorite.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Christina is divorcing her hubby because she cheated on him. She also had a past issue with alcohol. the girl has PROBLEMS.

  21. tryingtofindoutaname says:

    dude it’s cause she’s a bitch…but yeah she’s talented

  22. tryingtofindoutaname says:

    @Trish Avril Lavigne has a gorgeous voice you clearly don’t know what your talking about.Christina is amazing obviously but you you would have to be completely tone deaf to say that Avril has a weak voice,though I will say it is not a strong a xtina’s at all.

    and about the whole bitch thing hell yeah Christina’s a bitch no doubt about it so are p!nk, Avril and Mariah HELLO it’s called honesty! if they don’t like each other why should they pretend they do!

  23. duh...xtina says:

    all women is not just Pink, Avril, Kelly, Mariah, they hate Christina because them is a bigger bitch than xtina. Way lot of legendary artist loves xtina. Etta James, Aretha, Celine, Whitney, Justin Timberlake. Common sense bitch, in this world there would be people that wouldn’t like us and people who will love us.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Anyone seen Christina lately? She’s a joke now…

  25. LOKS says:

    Christuna Aguilera is a b!tch who can’t sing she just yodels and can’t hold a note

  26. JULEZ says:


  27. LydaAnnTruthbetold says:

    Lets read some FACTS about Christina Aguilera shall we?!

    The practice of “oversinging” has become more rampant from Christina Aguilera she does too much bending, stretching and otherwise torturing notes that don’t deserve such brutal fates. I am tired of hearing her vocal aerobics that almost sounds like yodeling. She does way too much embellishing to a song to the point where the melody is no longer recognizable. She is no longer pleasant to hear and never was. Nor is Christina really singing – it’s more like she is screaming on key. She is the definition of the over singer its really sad that its become to common to the point where it is accepted as really singing. Music is a joy to hear rather than a nightmare to be forgotten. Just like Christina’s floundering career, its forgotten.

  28. Darla says:

    I believe that Christina Aguilera is a waste of a tremendous talent. I love her voice, and would have purchased “Back To Basics” but it was so nauseatingly sexually explicit that I changed my mind (I don’t care that there is a “less explicit” version).She does oversing, however, and she puts WAY too much embellishment on every word almost. If she didn’t do that, and cleaned up her songs, so that I could listen to them with my kids in the car, I’d buy her CD’s.

  29. me says:

    Christina is just a follower she can’t even get a look of her own she used to have her own personality but she rips off other artists like Marilyn Monroe, GaGa and various others for every video or magazine spread. As of 2011 Christina is a joke she hasn’t changed her Marilyn image for 7 years she’s gained weight to look like her and on her 5’0 frame it’s too much with those fake boobs.Christina paints her eyebrows the same way and hasn’t taken out those fake blue contacts since after her star search days.That platinum hairdo instead of being herself and going back to her dirty brown hair.Christina is not original in any way I mean she sings good but oversinging is not cool.In the land of the famous many people don’t like her the list keeps going from Kelly O, Adam L, Mary J, Pink, Mariah, Britney, Shirley M, and it goes on and on how many other celebs are disliked like her?.

  30. Legendtina says:

    Simple fact: Christina is a best singer than every other single named in this article. Thus, they are jealous and intimidated and naturally have to hate on her.

  31. Pow pow says:

    Aguilera is still the best vocalist, though I’m so tired of her extra ‘yea,yeaoyea’. She does’t need 2 show oversexual image. People like her voice instead of her being nasty dirrty naughty. Being a good girl is rare, unique and always loved.

  32. SOMEONE says:


    NOW.. as for Mariah and Beyonce, both have good vocals however Christina beats them 1000 times… shes 1000 times better, no one likes competition.. I’m not saying Christina is a saint.. but she’s definitely not that awful.. i mean come on … common sense..? as for pink i thik pink is great, maybe they don’t agree.. wouldn’t know.. and i truly don’t think Britney Spears hates Chris, they both came out at the same time back in the late 90’s they both wanted success.. so there you go..


  33. Pow pow says:

    Does Mariah dare to collaborate with her? I wish she would…. Oh yea, there’s a new comer that tries so hard to sound like her, named Agnez Monica. Everybody wants to reach the ability Xtina has got. I just hate the way she gets dress and her acts dirrty. Just create good image, gal!

  34. mbuhlah says:

    the reason why this Christina girl being such a nasty b*tch is both admitting and internalizing radical-feminism philosophy in her head at extreme level that ain’t no other people but only her family, close friends, and collaborators could knock off. remember all of her songs mostly talking about her rocky past due to her father’s aggressive abusiveness that helps built up within her the insecurities with the world? she maybe a pop singer indeed but that does not mean she have to play things safely and smile around to everyone in the business with great names like those other celebrities do just for approval and acceptance into the circle of fame’s sake. to be a good artist (literally), you have to sell cake by attitude but to be a qualified artist, you will learn to shut your mouth and give out all what you’ve got. thus, I won’t hate her when someday, if I meet her by chance on the street, even though I greet her nicely and politely, she will show indifference toward me or completely ignore me. Christina proves to be a famous figure with the hardest personality. I bet she even consciously acknowledge the trouble of being herself. after spending years of horror of being cruelly abused especially when you were just a kid, who would find it easy anyway to trust others? simple. I listened to “Save Me form Myself” and I understood.

  35. Asia says:

    I have watched Christina from the start of her career till now. I used to like her and have tried to keep that same admiration of her from the first I saw “Genie in a Bottle” on trl , but it’s hard. Christina is not liked by several artist because she comes across as this I’m better than you are and if you don’t like me, then you are jealous. In addition, from the start of her career, Christina has Been outspoken, which can be a good quality for the right reasons, but she has made some really nasty comments about other artists and their work in interviews that have been lost or forgotten. That will not get her very far. Mary j. Blige once said that Christina wouldn’t make it too far because of her attitude and the way she treats people. If there are several females artist who do not like her , then there’s is a problem and it has nothing to do with her talent. I just know that Christina has shown not to be a nice person.

  36. ines del pilar says:

    hola no es que estoy en contra de cristina aguilera nada que ver ademas es bonita y canta lindo pero no soy fan de ella lo que no me gusta de ella es que quiere exagerar como mi lady gaga monster y nunca le va a salir queria exagerar mucho en el video de ella que se llama not myselt tonight y no le sale ja ja xque nadie tiene roa exagerada como ella ni maquillaje ni peinados nada la admiro a lady gaga la kiero

  37. Well says:

    people dont get along with that child cause she acts like a demading little diva..its unneeded and unwanted i dunno why people work with her i dont think she as great as people say like there soo many better singers to look up to then her..and theres more bigger people like more famous who like less divaish then her

    fame just does bad things to peoples head

  38. Shelly says:

    Christina is misunderstood in so many ways. I’ve been a fan of Christina since Genie in a bottle and I have no problem with Christina being sexually explicit in her artistry. I really appreciate Xtina for bring a headstrong woman and in doing what she does, very outspoken. She voices her opinion and it doesn’t mean you have to agree with her but she has gut. I will never in my life expect to see Xtina change to be more or less conservative in the way she dresses or act. People are angry because she has confidence, the voice, talent, success, looks and attitude. She is also a great writer and one of the best vocalists I’ve ever heard. She has worked with many great musicians and has accomplished so much in her life time. In terms of Xtina’s attitude, I find it to be intimidating but that is just who she is (private and guarded) and I believe people hate her because she doesn’t back down easily. I see Xtina as one of those woman who will fight for what she wants and is always up for a challenge. She has come a long way, vocally if anything, Xtina has improved so much.

    This is pop culture and there will always be rivalry no matter what. Xtina has made the statement so many times, “you either love me or hate me”. People who think Xtina’s voice sound straining is wrong, she has that raspy, growl vocal that not a lot of people has and that is something unique. Xtina is also a very intelligent person and you can tell it from her interviews.

    Pink and Xtina feud : No comment really because Xtina can over sing Pink that’s why Xtina got that part in Lady M. I don’t think Pink hates Xtina.

    Kelly O. is just a little lost girl.

    Beyonce: I seriously don’t find Beyonce to be interesting at all to be honest, she has some hits and she’s beautiful but that is it.

    Avirl is a hypocrite

    Britney is a sweet person. Britney doesn’t hate Xtina, vice versa TODAY.

    Xtina praise Mariah but the fact is that Xtina has challenged herself and pushed herself to Mariah’s level. Mariah sees Xtina as a competition.

    Kylie & Madonna: No comment really. I can see why Xtina exceeded these two and why they hate Xtina (I don’t know if Madonna hate Xtina or not). I personally think Madonna is intimidated by Xtina’s vocal ability and that is why Madonna hasn’t done a collaboration with Xtina.

    Xtina has never dissed Madonna in any ways, Xtina mentioned many times that Madonna has paved the way for pop artists such as herself.

    In the end it’s all about the competition so of course there’s going to be hatred comments thrown around. Like the rest, there’s people who love Xtina and those who dislike her, it’s just reality.

  39. Catherine says:

    Christina isn’t a bitch. She has a powerful and great voice (not like many female stars who wear too many great costumes/their beauty to cover their voices). It’s TRUE, about all she’s said about Pink, Beyonce, and etc. But to be honest, i think the way Christina critics many artists/singers is too transparent. That’s why people judge her as a rude bitch. For my last opinion, “When the truth is said in the wrong way, it would be false forever”.

  40. shanon says:

    britney and xtina were on MMC together and were close friends.

  41. TheAwesomeSpear says:

    It’s not just females who hate her, a lot of men in the industry do too!
    But Mariah Carey is just an idiot ass-sucker, so yeah.. whatever the fu** she thinks….
    One thing about her is that she likes to spread bullsh**.
    She’s kinda rude too, even though she put on this sweet face. But she criticizes people unsolicited.
    She has way too much make up, always wears fake eyelashes which is just ridiculous. And a lot of boob jobs!
    She seeks attention from males constantly one way or another. Though it still fails miserably sometimes…
    She even initiates kiss, flirts with random guys.
    She’s just one annoying diva most of the times…

    And dude… I really wonder why she always get so much hated since she was very little. Her mom might say jealousy but I don’t think so. Everyone get teased/rude comments/rough treatments/tattled being an actor/actress/singer and stuff like that but in Christina’s case, it’s extreme hatred.

    I think she’s bad news, you guys. She barely had any real close friend until Britney Spears at MMC. She was 12 and Brit was 11. It’s sad but it’s true! And singing is like.. her only goodie. Her sanctuary is MMC. Other kids, they have hobbies, she doesn’t. After MMC cancellation, she then had more friends due to improved mannerism but a lot of people still fu**ing hated her. They said she’s a rude, stuck-up bitch… as you can see

    I don’t hate Christina but I can see why people do. I think she’s a good singer but as a person, not so much.

  42. Maddy says:

    Personally, I don’t think we’ll ever really know what goes on the heads of other people. We can assume from interviews what we believe they are thinking but we’ll never know for sure; we can’t make solid assumptions.
    I didn’t grow up listening to Christina Aguilera and I personally think it’s SO ANNOYING that she tries to screech every single note but I also think that she has the most beautiful head voice and falsetto. If she just stayed within her range and didn’t strain her voice, use more of her falsetto than she did that raw, raspy straining sound, then she’d be so much more successful.
    I really, really loved her when she sang ‘I Loves You, Porgy’ at the Grammy Awards a few years back. Her voice as subtle, smoky but also clear and it was filled with so much jazz and bluesy undertones that I know, absolutely KNOW that if she can get it together with her agent or whoever else she surrounds herself with and make a blues album using that same smoky textured voice (NO STRAINING) then she’ll become very popular again. She has to get it through her head that she’s not twenty one anymore and her songs/voice has always been suited for songs that are more adult contemporary than pop. Just listen to ‘I Loves You, Porgy’ or her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘Run To You’. She does a very lovely job in those two songs, one showing off her smoky, deep voice while the other displays her runs, clear voice, and controlled falsetto.
    Christina can control her voice, she can stick to her vocal range, and she can sing the hell out of any song she wants, which is probably what pisses a lot of other artists off. The fact that she blatantly ignores her talent probably makes them feel better (it’s human nature to feel jealousy and hatred).
    I really want to see this chick clean up her act and make an blues adult contemporary album with Linda Perry co-writing some of her songs again. Seriously, those two make magic when Christina isn’t being a fat diva and straining the hell out of her voice. If you listen to her album Lotus (don’t buy it, just listen to it because it’s quite terrible and it’s not worth your money) you’ll get a headache. She YELLS and HOWLS her way through all the tracks (she sounds like she’s drowning poor Blake in ‘Just a Fool’) and I know if she just toned down her voice and started taking care of it again, then she’d be amazing.
    Note to Christina: straining your voice and screaming your way through a song doesn’t show that your a powerful singer, it shows that you have no control over your voice and that you can’t hit any notes properly. I know you can out-sing anybody because as you have proved in singing ‘A Song For You’ and ‘Beautiful’, you are a phenomenal vocalist, but you just can’t keep abusing your poor voice any more! You’ll lose it by the time your forty, seriously. Get a vocal coach, stop straining (we KNOW your a powerful singer, you don’t have to keep shouting to remind us of that), and for gods sakes dress like your thirty two. Please. Do this and not only will you earn respect from former fans and haters, but you may also revive your floundering career.

  43. Clearing Up Rumors Once and For All says:

    The truth

    P!nk, Avril Lavgine, Kelly Osbourne – These three bitches attacked Christina first unprovoked. P!nk was jealous she was not given the high part in Lady Marmalade and that she was not given Beautiful. Kelly Osbourne attacked Christina’s Xmas album. Avril insulted Christina first for years.

    Britney – Britney and Christina have gotten along for most of their lives. There was only one time when they were in their transitional years where Britney was cold to Christina, so Christina criticized her back. Since they have been fine

    Mariah – Christina looked up to Mariah and always spokely highly of her. In 2000, Mariah and Christina were both booked for Divas Live. Mariah tried to get Christina fired because she was intimidated by a younger woman. Then she refused to meet Christina at a European talk show and called her a mini me. Christina heard this and was hurt.
    Mariah has a history of not getting with younger non black women or black women with a more white persona like JLO, Leona Lewis, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Simpson, Ariana Grande, among others

    Beyonce and Kylie – There is no issue with Beyonce and Kylie eve

  44. Clearing Up Rumors Once and For All says:

    Btw, there is no issue with Mary J Blige. There was a miscommunication they had in their first meeting when one of them went for a hug and the other went for a handshake. Mary has referred to Christina as a friend and even invited her to perform at her charity event

  45. Lex says:

    There aren’t “so many” celebrities trashing her…pink was because Linda Perry went off to work with Christina. Christina’s manager went into the lady marmalade record session saying that Christina is gonna sing the big part.

    Mary j blige was mad because when she met Christina she put her hand out like she wanted her to kiss it. (Could’ve been joking around and Mary didn’t get it) we can’t really know.

    The wanted said she was a bitch to them (maybe she was having a bad day, don’t act like you’re peaches and cream all the time)

    Adam, Blake, Gwen and Christina are all friends who joke around a lot. ( as they said in interviews) Gwen and Christina’s kids play together.

    Kelly Osbourne was a sad spoiled little girl who wanted attention. As Christina told her at the EMA’s. “If you can dish it out, you gotta learn how to take it back”.

    I’m not saying she doesn’t have diva moments or even bitchy moments but i doubt she is nowhere near as bad as people make her out to be.

    Her dirrty video was done when she was 22 years old. If you’re still offended by it that’s sad.

    These are a handful of people in the industry. Go look up all the people that love her, the list is long. Either way haters, if you’re talking about her, that’s a WIN for her.

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