Do Not See Avril Lavigne In Concert If You Like Your Hearing

Contributed Anonymously: To think I was a fan of is unbelievable. I still like some of her songs on CD, but her live show was truly terrible. Her voice is a lot worse live than on CD. She was off key through all the songs, and then other times she sounded so mediocre that anybody could be up there singing her songs. She could never hit the notes. Even simple songs like “Complicated” every time she’s speak through the verses and when she says ‘car’ or ‘are’ she sounded off out of breath and off pitch.

I honestly never heard her guitar playing because her band would play over her. It is pretty easy to hold a guitar and act like you are playing when their are 4 other guys playing over you. I think she can play 2 chords and that’s it, because on her song “tomorrow’ she played slow and the same 2 chords. She kept looking at the guitar like she was nervous and didn’t know what she was doing because this was the first and only time she didn’t have a huge band backing her up, only one other guitar in back.

Lastly her piano playing wasn’t playing at all. She played a VERY 2 very simple notes on ‘Forgotten” repeating the same note slowly. Although through most of the song you never heard any piano because it’s a song with loud guitars playing over it.

Now, I still enjoy her CD’s some of the songs anyway, but I am so disappointed. I went there to convince my friend that she was talented and when I came out I liked her so much less. I thought she was something she wasn’t. She can’t even sing well. I always knew she was fake but I didn’t care about that I just thought she has nice songs. Now I am totally changing my tune. This girl truly wasted my money and night. It wasn’t even entertaining. I would have rather went to Britney Spears’ strip show than this boring show. I am so upset about it. NOBODY should see her in concert.

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10 thoughts on “Do Not See Avril Lavigne In Concert If You Like Your Hearing

  1. hellahooked says:

    I found that pretty funny. It’s obvious Avril Lavigne can’t sing live :P Her voice is really crap but like you said she has good songs. I never really liked songs from ‘Let Go’, only like ‘Losing Grip’, ‘I’m With You’ & ‘Naked’ but when I heard the ‘Under My Skin’ album, I pretty much liked every song. Too bad she can’t sing for crap & is boring. BTW Britney’s concerts aren’t strip shows

  2. sushz0r says:

    That’s why some people are called “recording artist” for a reason. not all recording artists can perform live but they’re put on tour to make money, regardless of if they can sing or not. maybe not to the artist, but to their record company is all about business.

  3. Izzy says:

    Until you get your sorry ass up on stage and prove (not speculate) you can do a better job you shut up. Maybe it was the band that was offbeat. Many artists sing songs differently in concert than on their albums and it’s the bands job to follow their lead. How do you know she wasn’t playing the guitar? At least she didn’t take the route of Britney, Ashlee, Janet and all the other lip synchers out there. Kudos to Avril for having the gonads to play live.

  4. blankgirl77 says:

    SO you’re blaming the fact that Avril has no talent on her band? You are an idiot. I would RATHER hear her lipsync than have her SUCK live. Their is no difference between lipsyncing or singing live and having a horrible voice. You’re getting the facts wrong. Just because she doesn’t lipsync doesn’t mean she has talent. I heard Britney Spears live on SNL and she had a gut wrenchingly horrible voice live like Avril. Second, Avril fake plays guitar. It has been confirmed by many many people. One specific concert was Nickelodeon concert where they showed side camera angles of her, on to which her fingers were above the strings. Nice try though. Not to mention, I have seen Avril on TV concerts and now people who have been to her actual shows, they all said and I say that you never hear her guitar. Her amp is ALWAYS down so you can block out the fact she cannot play. She thinks standing there with a guitar gives her credibility when it doesn’t. She has no talent. Playing 2 notes on a piano doesn’t make you a piano player. All she does is lie about everything to make herself look good, and then she ends up getting caught her in lies. Stop questioning proven facts, because you are obviously a teenybopper fan in denial.

    Welcome to the dark side. It’s about damn time an Avril fan had some brains. She thinks that just because she holds a guitar and fake plays that it makes her a real musician. Nothing about her is real. Nothing. She has no talent when it comes to singing, instruments, or writing. She lies and deceives her fans by saying she does all those things when she doesn’t, and lies about who she is to begin with. She is the fakest pop tart around. And her 15 seconds of fame are almost gone.

  5. allyouwanted says:

    I think Avril will be around for at least a while. and for you people who say she always fakes playing the guitar, well you don’t know that much unless you see her play all the time. she has played like guitar except for the limited amounts of time you have seen her faking it. I am a fan and I realize she is a poser but I will still back her up on some level.

  6. Who_Cares says:

    Actually there is a difference between lip-synching and singing live and sounding bad. I would go to a concert where they sing live and sound horrible before I go to a concert where all they would do is lip-synch. the difference is that one person has the guts to go out there and sing live even if they do sound horrible, the person that lip-synchs just proves time and time again that they know that they have no talent and that they have no right to be up on stage.

  7. mad_world87 says:

    good lord. it’s quite funny to read a review from someone with probably the most rudimentary knowledge of music. sure, I enjoy Avril Lavigne. she’s a bit of a treat in the world of mainstream music by my standards; the standards of a musician and very avid music fan. to the untrained and obviously skeptical ear, any deviation from what you hear on an album is bad. there’s no bones about it; the average mainstream-enslaved teenager knows nothing, and has no respect for, live music. to say that Avril has the most amazing voice and is vocally talented beyond belief is a mile-wide stretch for even the most optimistic critic. however, there is no doubt in the mind of any person with a trained ear that Avril has a decent voice wherein lies her own fair share of vocal talent. granted, she is, herself, only elementary in her guitar and piano skills, but bones to her for having the courage to take on these two, complicated and definitely complex instruments in front of thousands of fans. no regular all-for-the-money pop star would do this; she’s clearly doing it to prove herself as more than a pre-fabricated pop tart, because she loves the music, and for her fans. add to that the bravado she’s shown in taking to the set for a very fun and raucous cover of Song 2. now, having seen Avril perform on both of her tours, for let go as well as under my skin, I can honestly say that her voice has improved TEN FOLD. I have significant doubts that the author of the original post even SAW Avril live, but rather wrote his/her little spiel as a lame attack at a pop/rock artist leagues ahead of where they will ever be. adieu.

  8. flowergirl223 says:

    Um no. Anybody can sound good on CD ANYBODY. It’s called ‘studio magic’ for a reason. So saying that she sounds ok on CD doesn’t mean a damn thing. You can tell by hearing songs on her albums how over produced and tweaked they are. Because when she sings live she sounds nothing like she does on cd. On CD she sounds average nothing good at all and over produced similar to Ashlee Simpson or Hilary Duff, and live she sounds bad. I have seen so many live concerts of hers and you cannot debate me on what she sounds like. She is very off pitch, she cannot hit the notes and her she does ‘talk’ through her songs. I noticed that as well. She will talk through her versed and then sing the chorus. She is not a talented singer whatsoever. And the most laughable thing you said was : “she’s clearly doing it to prove herself as more than a pre-fabricated pop tart” That quote shows how little you know. Avril is THE MOST pre fabricated manufactured pop star out there period. She is worse than Britney and you know why? Because she tries so hard to constantly lie and tell people how ‘real’ she is, even when all her stories don’t add up. She said she was a skater in high school, than you see pictures of her in and out of high school dressed preppy. Than she says she was a skater after she left high school…yet you see video tape of her auditioning to Arista records dressed preppy singing “wide open spaces”. She wasn’t a ‘rock chick’ until after she was signed and told what to do. Britney doesn’t try to say over and over again that she is so real and not manufactured like other pop stars. Avril is always trying to say how different she is than other pop stars and how she is so real and they are fake. When she is the epitome of what a pre fabricated pop tart is.

  9. Lindsey says:

    I just respect the fact that she actually sings ….. no hearing her guitar I would say isn’t her fault because the sound check people should realize that problem. Also at least she is trying to learn a new instrument. Can you play piano and Guitar extremely well? . My thoughts are no ! . Avril didn’t say that she was the best guitar player ever and further more said nothing about being a great piano player . Lay off her its getting lame. If you don’t like her fine but don’t be like everyone else and jump on the “I hate Avril” ban wagon its lame

  10. Hookster57 says:

    So as a kid she sends in a tape and wins the opportunity to sing with Twain. Then at sixteen she sings for the head of Arista, and he signs her on the spot.
    You can view a zillion youtubes of her singing live in all kinds of venues and settings. She has a great strong voice.

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