Does Anyone Else Think The Grammys Makes No Sense?

Watching the Grammy Awards last night made me realize how this show makes absolutely no sense anymore.

First of all, how do you nominate someone for 8 categories and then not televise any of the awards they won? I’m not saying this just because this happened to . If it had been Madonna or another artist that I don’t particuraly care for, I still would have thought the same thing. It just doesn’t make sense to nominate someone for a ton of awards and then not even televise them winning at least one.

Second, how in the world did they come up nominees for the “Album of the Year” category? Mariah, Gwen, and Kanye I understand, but Paul McCartney and U2??? Where did they come up with that? I didn’t even know they released albums last year. As much as I don’t like , even she should have been nominated for that category since her album was still in the Top 10 after a year. Makes no sense.

Third, this show just isn’t what it used to be. It’s not classy anymore and it’s trashy now. People don’t dress up like they used to or act like they have manners. They just dress and act trashy now like at the VMA’s. Shouldn’t what is supposed to be “Music’s Biggest Night” be a little more sophisticated and a little less casual? Is it that hard to do for one night?

And fourth, how many boring, pointless speeches must they have? I saw a number of presenters rambling about things no one cared about. Just get to the point and get to the good stuff.

I think the producers of this show really need to get organized and get their priorities straight. One thing I think they should do is move the awards back to New York instead of having it in L.A. It’s been in L.A. for years now, so it would be nice to have a change. But that’s just one of the many things they could do to give this show a major overhaul that is desperately needed.

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