Donald Trump Backs Michael Jackson

Steppin’ Out magazine’s Chaunce Hayden spoke with Donald Trump and asked the real estate mogul his opinion on one of his former tenants, Michael Jackson, and whether he’s believes Jackson is the pathetic pervert the media paints him to be. “I don’t believe what is written about him,” Trump responded. “I know Michael. He’s been a tenant of mine for years. He lived in Trump Tower, and in fact he still stays there a lot. In all the years I’ve known him, I’ve never had one compliant, one problem, one negative sighting, or anything else for that matter. I think what the media is doing to Michael is terrible. It’s a witch-hunt, and personally I think it’s terrible.”

Prosecutors Will Have Big Trouble Convicting Michael Jackson

January 8, 2004 – Cindy Adams of The New York Post is painting a dire picture of the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s chances of convicting Michael on child molestation charges. Adams says, “Los Angeles legal types are saying Michael Jackson cannot be found guilty. That two lawyers earlier refused this case believing it ‘not strong enough.’ That it was shopped around for three months. That some in the Santa Barbara police community believed there wasn’t sufficient evidence to go on. That even attorneys who had opposed Michael in the first case determined they didn’t want in on this one. That forces behind the plaintiff were not motivated by familial or legal issues. That this indictment ‘could fall apart unless additional evidence is found.’ Legal brains closer at hand are calling this ‘flimsy,’ saying ‘they have nothing that’s triable’.”

Jackson Fans ‘Scared’ By Nation Of Islam

January 8, 2004 – Roger Friedman of spoke with Deborah Dannelly, president of the Michael Jackson Fan Clubs, on word that Michael Jackson is involved with the Nation of Islam. “I don’t think he [Jackson] realizes the impact he’s had on the fan base. He’s made bridges between different religions and nations,” Dannelly said. “The fans get together because of him. I would hate to see that ruined. I would urge him to reconsider his involvement with the Nation of Islam.” Dannelly added that the fans are “scared” by the group’s involvement with the King of Pop. Read more.

Michael Jackson Set To Play Agent MJ In ‘Miss Cast Away’

January 8, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports Michael will star in the upcoming comedy ‘Miss Cast Away’ as an 007 type in sparkly attire. Director Bryan Michael Stoller revealed, “Michael’s got a great sense of humor. He plays Agent MJ. It’s a parody on his cameo in ‘Men in Black II,’ where he wanted to be Agent M, but they wouldn’t let him.”

Where’s Michael Jackson Now?

January 8, 2004 – Entertainment Tonight spoke with Court TV’s Diane Dimond to see if she knew where Michael currently is. “Well, I know where the passport is! The passport is back in the District Attorney’s office locked up in a safe,” she says. “Just where Michael Jackson is, you know, that’s always the question — where is he? He says he never wants to go back to Neverland. I know he has a place that he stays in Los Angeles. He might be back in Las Vegas. His folks live there and there are several hotels that he stays around. Where Michael Jackson is is always a big question.”

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