Donald Trump Comes To Michael Jackson’s Defense

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump strongly reiterated his defense of on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ as the indictment was announced while they were on the air. “She’s had plenty of experience at going after people. And she goes after them viciously and violently, and I saw a story and I read another story about some of the things she’s done and I don’t believe [the accusations],” Trump said via phone of the boy’s mother while on “Larry King Live.” King told Trump, “But you know what it’s like when an indictment comes down.” Trump said, “It’s tough, it’s tough to win. But I have a feeling he is going to win, Larry.”

Michael Jackson Tells Media To Leave Him Alone

April 23, 2004 – Michael Jackson issued a statement via his official website on Friday from his rented Florida mansion following his indictment, pleaded with the media to leave him alone. “As I release this statement, there are helicopters hovering above my residence, reporters staking out, and photographers lurking behind bushes, running rampant around my compound,” the statement read. “I am respectfully requesting that media organizations please respect my privacy, and that of my children. I would greatly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.”

Michael Jackson Case Almost Collapsed

April 23, 2004 – ‘Celebrity Justice’ has learned that just a few weeks ago, after testifying before the grand jury, Michael Jackson’s accuser and his mother were so emotionally distraught, that they wanted to throw in the towel.

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