Donald Trump Comments On Tenant Michael Jackson

Donald Trump was on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ on Friday and asked the real estate mogul what he thinks of the problems that Michael Jackson’s is currently facing. “You know I know him very well,” Trump told King. “He lives in my buildings, more than one. He lives in various of my buildings. I mean, he sort of follows me around in the sense of he likes what I have.” Asked if Jacko was a good tenant, Trump responded, “He’s been great. He’s never been a problem. I hear all of the horror stories. He’s never been a problem. And I would know, believe me. I ask the doormen, I ask the concierge, I ask the elevator operators. has never been a problem, but it’s too bad. It’s very sad.”

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One thought on “Donald Trump Comments On Tenant Michael Jackson

  1. popmaster167 says:

    Ever wondered why he’s never been problem? Maybe he was too busy molesting boys to be a problem, ever thought of that 1 hey?

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