Donny Deutsch Troubled By Michael Jackson Deification

Ad agency guru and MSNBC regular Donny Deutsch appeared on ‘The Ed Show’ on Tuesday (July 7), reacting to the media attention has received while being ignored have been military members who also lost their lives on June 25th. As for the fans mourning the King of Pop’s death: “People who are crying in the streets that don’t know him, they need to maybe get a little bit of a life.” Deutsch added that he feels “we’ve lost our way as a country” by deifying Jackson to such a degree. Watch the segment below.

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3 thoughts on “Donny Deutsch Troubled By Michael Jackson Deification

  1. Sandi Harrison says:

    I agree with Donny. Jackson’s death was a great loss but not as much as thousands of people and the media has made out. I couldn’t watch news shows without seeing large segments on Jackson. Enough Already. Lets get back to real life and issues that affect us personally.

  2. d says:

    I was really disappointed with Donny’s comments………………………….

  3. Kevin says:

    I am HIGHLY disappointed in the comments made by Donny Deutsch in reference to Michael Jackson. He kept repeating that MJ was just a singer and a dancer but he failed to recognize that MJ sits in the record books as the most charitable pop artist. He has saved lives with his charities and he is a HIGHLY influential person. How many people have Nelson Mandela send in a tribute letter to their memorial service? I have always been a fan of Big Idea (even bought 6 of his books to pass around to all of my family), but today I am going to get those books and take them back to the store because this is not a man that I would like to support. Before he makes comments, he should really think about them fully and understand the impact that MJ has had on a culture. How would Donny understand when he has never been that influential in the lives of others? Very unfortunate comments.

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