Don’t Ask Eddie Griffin About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 'Thriller'

Eddie Griffin went off on a TMZ videographer the other night in Hollywood after being asked about Michael Jackson, fed up with the paparazzi constantly asking about Jacko or Britney Spears and giving the eccentric pair grief while ignoring artists like T-Pain who have had a greater impact on popular music lately.

“Why would you all want to torment somebody over and over,” Griffin said. “Him, Britney Spears, you all got your favorite people to fu** with.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Won’t Be Part Of A Jackson 5 Reunion

October 31, 2008 – After Jermaine Jackson had said that the Jackson 5 will be reuniting and that Michael would be part of the sibling group’s world tour, Michael is saying that he won’t be rejoining the ’70s supergroup. “My brothers and sisters have my full love and support, and we’ve certainly shared many great experiences,” Michael tells OK! magazine, “but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them. I am now in the studio developing new and exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon.”

Global Dance Off To Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Staged

October 27, 2008 – Ghouls and zombies pack a Hollywood parking garage to perform the dance from Michael’s 1983 ‘Thriller’ music video on Saturday morning (October 25). The event was part of a global effort to perform the dance at the same time, which fans from cities in 13 countries participating in the event. Watch a report from’s Dara Brown below.

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One thought on “Don’t Ask Eddie Griffin About Michael Jackson

  1. Agnes_POLAND says:

    He is great. I think that Michael doesn’t deserve for what has happened to him – how media treats him. They don’t have respect for him. I mean what about all those amazing and grateful things he has done and been doing since his whole life? He gave over 300million to charities, saved dying cancer patients, gave hope and happiness to suffering ones. In ’92 he gave almost 50 tons(!) of medicines and clothes for war victims in Sarajevo.
    WHAT ABOUT houndreds of things he has done to make a world a better place, huh?!
    You just believe all those craps people say… You act like a kids who can’t differentiate between what is good or wrong and what is a true and what is a lie.
    And the most ridiculous thing is that people believe that he has made himself white?! Can you believe it?! There is no way to make yourself white!They’re saying those bullsh**s because of lack of their knowledge! He has a VITILIGO. Go to the library and read some medicine books or just simply go to the wikipedia, then everything will make a sense!
    Another sh** – people believe he is a pedophile! RIDICULOUS! Don’t you know that nowadays anyone can sue anyone for doing anything even it is not a true?! For example I can go right now to a chancery and sue the presidents of some countryy without knowing him. AND WHAT?! You’re gonna believe that he molested me?! NO! Because I LIE.
    The thing is to WIN a trial and have at least one proof for a crime. And there was NOTHING. They searched his house, neverland and every possible place he has been at and they found nothing, nothing and once again nothing. They have made every possible medical examination on that kid and nothing. He haven’t been molested at all!
    Just try to think about it in a reasonable way. There was just a little boy with his grasping parents thristy for money. You know how the kids like… They would even confess to sinking the Titanic if someone tell them to say.
    Before you judge him, try hard to understand him as hard as you can. Have a respect for that man for God’s sake!

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