Don’t Attack Michael Jackson Yet

Contributed anonymously:

I’m not a fan but over the next few months we’re no doubt going to be getting a lot more stories about him and this has to be said: Don’t attack him yet.

Can we all agree that is a little weird? Of course, we’re all living on this planet and have seen probably more of him than we’d like. Like in past years, he’s gotten much more press for his wackiness than for his music. That being said, we all have to remember that Michael Jackson has never been found guilty of a crime and, personally, I’m not ready to accuse him of child molestation (either in the previous cases or this one) until he is.

Think about it. There are lots of nasty people in this world who, like the rest of us, wouldn’t mind having a few million dollars. If you happened to be the parent of a child who slept at Michael’s house then it’s as easy as this: get your kid to make an accusation (this new boy is 12, old enough to put on an act) while you act outraged with the police, hire a good lawyer, and in a few months Michael will settle out of court because he doesn’t want to have his reputation dragged through the mud (not that his reputation is much at this point). Experts have cited numbers like $15 million for the last settlement! Just because you have some morals and wouldn’t do that to a person, don’t put it above others. Besides, would someone who wasn’t at least a little bit shady allow their child to stay at Michael’s (or anyone else’s) ranch without them?

Also, remember to have a little compassion for Michael. Is there any excuse for molesting a child? No, none whatsoever, but I truly feel bad for him. His father abused him (which is nothing to joke about) and his siblings physically, possibly sexually. I don’t think anyone’s going to argue the fact that he’s got some mental issues and his Peter Pan complex probably roots from the abuse.

So please, don’t crucify him until he’s proven guilty or at least until there’s a preponderance of the evidence against him.

*Note to the webmasters: Don’t you think we’re hearing enough about the story? There are barely any comments or ratings about these Michael articles because no one really wants to read every single word that’s been said about him over the past few days. If something big happens, post it. Otherwise, c’mon!*

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