Don’t Believe Britney’s Spin Blaming VMA Flop On Sarah Silverman Jokes hears that Britney Spears’ excuse that she performed so badly because she learned Sarah Silverman was going to joke about her baby boys was not true. “Sarah did nothing but react to Britney’s actions in a comical way, which is what she was asked to do,” the comedian’s rep told the web site. A show insider added that there was nothing Britney or her camp could have overheard. “There was no MTV script approval,” a show insider explained. “The only person who knew what Sarah was going to say was Sarah. When she rehearsed she even said, ‘Joke. Joke. Joke. 50 Cent. Britney Spears. Etc.’ And she only mentioned the names of the people that she was going to talk about. No one ever heard her material before it aired.” Read more.

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